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What To Do After a Car Accident

Whether you are a new driver or have driven for a long time, you know that car accidents always have the chance to happen. It’s important to be aware of what you need to do if you were to experience one. It can be a confusing time and things will happen quickly. It’s important to stay calm so that you are able to think clearly. Here are a few things to do while on the scene of a car crash.

Exchange Information

Once you check to make sure everyone is okay, you should obtain the other driver’s information as soon as possible. States require drivers to have insurance to protect them from liability in car accidents. If the accident is not your fault, you want to be responsible for the claims to fix the vehicles and damaged property. The other’s insurance will be.

Take Pictures

It’s wise to take pictures of the scene of the accident. This can help you for several legal reasons, but especially for providing answers to lawyers and insurance companies. Having images of what happened at the actual scene of the accident provides evidence that could be needed to protect you from liability. If you need repair work, you may want to search for an auto body shop near me to see if they can do the work. When the damage is extensive, the car will be classified as totaled. Your pictures can help determine these factors without having to get it towed multiple times to different places.

Call the Police

The very first thing that should happen after an accident is for someone to call the police. They can assess the situation and will act as a third party to bring in medical treatment and determine what happened to cause the wreck. They are the ones in charge of writing the accident report so that the right information will be documented correctly and unbiased.

A car accident is something everyone hopes to avoid. These are a just few things to remember doing if you ever happen to find yourself in one.

Can an Audi be a Lemon?

An Audi vehicle that does not live up to the standards of safety and usability as promised by the Audi manufacturer when purchasing the vehicle can be classified as a Audi lemon. This can be any car or SUV that was purchased; whether it’s used, new, or leased under manufacturer warranty. If the Audi dealer is refusing to fix the vehicle or the owner has taken the vehicle for maintenance more than a few times for the same issue, then it is recommended to call an an expert Audi lemon law attorney who can help you speed up the process and provide justice for your lemon car with a wide range of compensations.

Companies such as Audi ultimately make mistakes and the issue is faced by the owner of the vehicle who has a defected car. Not to worry because Audi, just like any vehicle sold, is protected by the state’s lemon law, which protects buyers from defected cars. It’s important to know that each state has its own lemon laws, but all states have a fair chance to get you compensated for a defected Audi.

How Do you know if you have a Lemon?

Since each case is different, the best way to know if you have a lemon car is to talk to an experienced Audi Lemon Law Lawyer. However, the most important thing to check is if you have a manufacturer warranty for Audi. This is important because it is where you will receive the compensation for the defects of the vehicle.

The general requirements to have a valid lemon law claim are as followed:

  • The vehicle is under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The dealer has made 2 or more vehicle repairs.
  • The dealer made 4 or more vehicle repair attempts to fix the same vehicle issue.
  • The vehicle has been in the shop for more than 30 days combined in the total number of repair days.
  • The dealer is telling you that the vehicle’s warranty does not cover your issue.

If the criteria is met, the Lemon Law defends the buyer of a vehicle and is entitled to compensation.

You Have Rights as Audi Owner

An Audi owner is always protected by the lemon law under manufacturer warranty if such circumstances occur when a vehicle stops functioning. An owner is entitled to a fully functioning vehicle or compensation for a defective Audi. If you are someone who has Audi and has an on-going defect, then we recommend seeking an Audi lemon law attorney at Consumer Action Law Group for professional advice on your case. Our lemon law attorneys will fight for you and get you the results you deserve. You may be qualified to receive a refund or replacement vehicle at no charge.


Why You Need a Motorcycle Road Trip

You love to ride. You’re out every weekend enjoying the fresh air and feeling the exhilaration that you can only get when riding your bike. Maybe it’s time to expand your horizons and take a road trip. 

Change of Scenery

If you are like most bikers, you have your favorite routes and haunts. Get out of your rut and see something new. If you have a national park on your bucket list, ride there. Motorcycles are a great way to tour the parks and enjoy the natural settings they offer. Ride responsibly because the low-frequency sound of motorcycles travels further than most engine noises and can adversely affect the wildlife. You’ll have plenty of chances to rev the engine during other parts of your trip.

New Challenge

Taking a road trip allows you to find a more challenging ride than your typical route. Before you leave home, make sure you have what you need to make the ride comfortable. If you aren’t already equipped, you will need Harley Davidson accessories Amarillo TX like backrests and luggage racks. Determine the amount of challenge you want. If you are an extremely skilled rider, consider the Tail of the Dragon. This 11 mile stretch of road along the North Carolina-Tennessee border has a whopping 318 curves.


The best reason to take a long trip on your bike is the feeling of freedom you get from having an unknown road in front of you with the wind at your back. Although it sounds a bit cliché, every motorcyclist knows that feeling. Everything is more vibrant as you experience the thrill of speed. You meet the nicest people when you are out on your bike. It’s a community with a passion for freedom. 

You have more than enough reasons to hit the open road. 

What to Do When You Get in an Accident

Getting in an accident is a terrifying experience, and after one occurs, you’re so rattled that you just want to go home and lie down. However, you must take these steps to ensure that you can safely drive the next time you need to go somewhere.

Share Your Insurance Information

You and the other driver should share your insurance information with each other. If the accident is bad enough that you must call the police, provide your insurance to them as well. Based on who is at fault in the accident, either of your insurance companies will assume financial responsibility. As you leave the scene, make sure that your insurance information is back in your car.

Decide What To Do With Your Car

Depending on the severity of your accident, your car may be completely fine, or it may be totaled. With the help of your insurance company, decide whether you should repair the damages or buy a new car. If your car is totaled, contact a company that specializes in junk cars Dekalb County GA. That way, you have some money to use for your new car search.

Prepare for Future Driving

Immediately after your accident, you must prepare yourself to get back on the road. Most people feel at least some degree of anxiety when returning to driving after an accident. After a severe and traumatizing accident, you should ask your doctor for a referral to a counselor. Even if you don’t need counseling, practice a few calming techniques such as box breathing and grounding in case you have a sudden anxiety attack.

After an accident, you have to do so much paperwork and worry about so many medical and financial issues. Take these steps immediately to streamline your return to stress-free driving while staying safe on the road.

Maintenance Tips for First-Time Car Owners

Owning your first car is often both exciting and stressful — exciting for the sense of freedom that comes with it and stressful for the major responsibility. The process of buying it can be an ordeal, and when you get the keys, you may just want to hit the road and leave all care behind. You still need to consider a few more things, however, before packing up for your first solo road trip.

Find a Reliable Mechanic

While there are benefits to taking your vehicle to a dealership for repairs, you’ll save a lot of money if you find a good, reliable neighborhood mechanic, especially for regular maintenance. Local shops have lower labor rates and often charge less for parts, so you can save money when you need anything from an oil change to new power transmission bearings. Ask friends and family who live nearby for recommendations so you end up with someone you trust. Do research before something goes wrong with your car. That way, if something does come up, you’ll have a plan and less to worry about.

Keep Up With Maintenance

You may be tempted to delay regular servicing in order to save money, but this is a mistake that could cost you much more in the future. It’s important to keep up with scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes, as advised so that your car continues to run smoothly. Keep records of every time you take your vehicle into the shop so you know exactly when certain parts were updated and can stick to the recommended schedule. If you have an automotive technician you trust, then follow advice concerning things such as brake pads, transmission fluid and air filters.

Think of automotive maintenance as you would preventive medical care. You need to eat well, exercise and have regular check-ups to make sure your body is working as it should. Your car also needs regular care to avoid serious, expensive issues down the line.

How To Plan a Road Trip

For some people, vacation is just as much about the trip as it is about the final location. Consider the following factors to plan a great road trip that everyone can enjoy.


One of the joys of a road trip is its inherent spontaneity. It’s okay to have a destination in mind, though. When you choose an end point that features attractions each person who is going with you will like, the anticipation of your arrival is half the fun.


Nothing puts a downer on a getaway faster than running out of money. While road trips are among the most affordable vacations you can take, you still need to set a budget and stick to it. If you are going to be gone more than a weekend, it’s a good idea to divide your budget into per diem allowances so that your comfort at the end of the trip matches the extravagance at the beginning.


Since you are going to be spending a lot of time in the car, you want to make sure it’s in top working condition. Get a full tune-up and make any necessary repairs before you leave. It’s also smart to have contact information for service stations that offer tire changes and repairs Prattville Al, along your route.


No matter how much you love to drive, long stretches of highway can get boring after a while, and you may run out of things to talk about. Bring games that you can safely play in the car to pass the time. Plan specific stops along the way so that everyone can stretch their legs and see something new. Finally, create a playlist that everyone is likely to enjoy.

A road trip is a fun, economical way to create lasting memories with friends or family. With a little planning, you can have a trip you’ll all be talking about for years to come.

How Safe is Your Broken Auto Glass

A broken windshield is usually unexpected and frustrating. Hearing that sound of a rock hitting the glass and then seeing it broken could leave you with questions. Should I get if fixed? Do I call a auto glass company? At some point it will need to be fixed. In this article we will go over when it’s safe to keep driving or use a windshield replacement company.

It’s All About Location

There are two key factors if you need to get a windshield replacement right away or if you can continue driving. The first one is where is the crack located? If it’s directly in your line of sight then it’s something you will need to get fixed right away. It’s dangerous to have anything blocking your line of sight while driving. Having a crack obscure your vision can easily lead to even bigger issues such as a car accident. Don’t try to risk it and call a mobile auto glass company to fix it.

How Is The Structural Integrity

The second factor if you can drive safely with damage to your auto glass is the structural integrity. You might not realize it but your auto glass plays an important role in your vehicles over all structural integrity. One small crack can be all it takes to diminish the strength of the vehicle. If the crack is at the top or bottom of the windshield, you should be able to buy sometime before getting it fixed by an auto glass company. If the crack is in the middle of the windshield there should be a much quicker response to getting it fixed since it can spider out and become larger.

Should You Repair or Replace

This will all depend on the size of the crack. If its less than one inch in diameter and less than three inches long. If you’re within this category, there are a number of do it yourself kits to try. Or you can call an experienced auto glass company to repair it for you. The process will be to apply a resin to help get the vehicles structural integrity back. A couple important things to know about a repair is that it will never be back to the aesthetic condition before the crack happened. There will be noticeable blemish that will be recognized. The second important factor to consider is that no matter how secure the resin is, there is no guarantee that it will stop spreading the crack and cause more damage. Things like hitting a pothole or putting any pressure on the glass can make the crack worse even after a repair.

The windshield replacement is the only way to guarantee that you would not have any more issues with the crack. The disadvantage is that a windshield replacement is a much more expensive approach than an a repair. If you have the funds available, it would be in your best interest to call a mobile auto glass company and get a quote on what it would cost to replace. Even though it’s more expensive it can provide you with a peace of mind when your back on the road.

3 Unique Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Many people dream of starting their own business. Some have a hobby that they want to turn into a career, while others love the idea of being their own boss but have yet to find the right business idea to make it happen. Anytime you are thinking of starting a business you want to make sure you’re doing something sustainable and something that will work in the long run, but you also want to ensure that it’s unique enough to stand out and meet a need for your community that isn’t currently being met.

1. Dry Cleaning

House cleaning businesses are quite common and so are laundromats; a good dry cleaner, however, is harder to find. Due to the processes and equipment involved in dry cleaning it can be a bit intimidating to start this type of business from the ground up. You can purchase the equipment you need for a dry cleaning business, like a dry cleaning conveyor, software, washers, dryers and presses, at a discount by getting them used or refurbished. Since dry cleaning is necessity for many people your business will succeed, provided you do your job well.

2. Antique Dealer

Becoming an antique dealer requires no equipment or even a building to host your business. You will, however, need knowledge of antiques, where to find them, their value and fair resale prices. This is a good business to start small as you only need a few quality pieces in the beginning. You’ll also need to know how to market your items so you can resale them.

3. Bicycle Repair

For an individual, a bicycle repair business works well as a part time job. Bicycle repair is easy to learn and you the tools you will need are things you likely have around the house already. Almost everyone owns a bicycle and nearly everyone will experience issues with them at some point. While some people may be able to fix their bikes on their own, some people won’t have the skills or the time to do so and will happy to pay a reasonable fee to someone to fix their bike.

Starting your own business is a great way to support yourself or to earn an extra income on the side. The possibilities for the kinds of businesses you can start are endless. You can not only find something that will pay the bills but you can also find something that will enjoy doing and something that will bring you a great sense of purpose as well as allow you to give back to your community.