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Things to Consider When Buying DWI Auto Insurance

It might be very difficult to acquire cheap vehicle insurance if you recently had a DUI on your record. But you may discover affordable DWI insurance rates if you look around.


High-Risk Driver

A DUI can make you a high-risk driver when buying DWI auto insurance. Once convicted, the insurance company will search your record for three to ten years. In some states, you may carry an SR-22 (state-required financial responsibility) certificate for years before your insurance will resume. However, some states may require you to carry an SR-22 for a shorter period.

One of the biggest reasons for your high-risk driver status is your driving history. According to DWI auto insurance King George, VA, you will be classified as a high-risk driver if you have a history of speeding tickets, a DUI, or other serious violations. Even one traffic violation can increase your premiums. Furthermore, younger drivers will be viewed as a higher risk because they lack driving experience and evidence of their driving ability. Fortunately, you can lower your risk by getting a better driver’s education or driving experience.


Drinking And Driving Is A Serious Traffic Violation.

If you’re convicted of driving under alcohol, it will affect your auto insurance premiums for three to five years. Some preferred carriers may allow you to continue driving after three years, but you’ll pay a higher premium for those two additional years. However, each insurance company will have its own rules for handling DUI cases. In addition, a DUI conviction will stay on your driving record for at least 75 years, so it is crucial to avoid this traffic violation at all costs.

While insurance companies consider DUI violations serious traffic violations, you should also remember that multiple minor violations can make you a high-risk driver. For instance, your zip code can determine whether you are considered high-risk because some zip codes have higher crime rates or more vehicles than others. The higher the population density in your zip code, the higher the risk of vehicle accidents and damage. 


Car Insurance Companies 

You may have heard that your insurance company will deny bodily injury coverage if you cause a crash while inebriated. This is not always the case, however. For example, most car insurance companies will cover the costs of repairs to the other driver’s vehicle if they cause the crash. In addition, you should be aware that your insurance company may refuse to pay for a totaled vehicle if you are at fault for the crash.

While your insurance company will not deny you coverage for the costs of repairs, your premiums will most likely skyrocket. Often, insurance companies wait until your policy is due to renew to drop the high-risk category. In the meantime, they raise your premiums or refuse to renew your policy. As a result, you should prepare for your insurance premiums to skyrocket, and you may have trouble finding insurance coverage.


Shopping Around For The Best Deal

After getting a DUI, your insurance rates will likely increase. Although you may be able to get the lowest rates with your current provider, you should still shop around for the best deal. Often, these increases are manageable, and some insurance companies offer financial assistance programs or additional benefits to help you lower the cost of your premiums. 

Compare rates from different insurers. You can find better deals if you shop around for more than one policy. For instance, if you’ve been a customer of one company for a while, you may be eligible for a multi-policy discount. If you’re a good driver, some insurers will lower your rate after you’ve been a customer for a while. Similarly, if you’re married, you might get a lower rate from another company.