What To Know About A Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are types of financing that involve a borrower using the physical property as loan collateral to receive a loan. You can receive such a loan from private investors and non-bank financial institutions. Hard money lenders want to have their principal loan amount, including the interest earned, within 1-5years. That’s why they are considered short-term loans. Below are reasons why you should go for a hard money loan. 


Hard money agreements are relatively flexible compared to traditional loan agreements. Lenders are never concerned about the standardized underwriting process. They focus on evaluating each contract individually. When repaying the loan, you might need to consider borrowing from lenders willing to talk about repayment schedules. Such a lender may decide to extend the loan repayment time, unlike when you go for a large corporation with strict policies. 


Here, the lender is focusing on the collateral; closing the deal is quicker than that of traditional loans. The lender doesn’t spend time analyzing and assessing your loan application, verifying your income, and going through bank statements. Once you develop a relationship with the lender, the loan approval process is quick, helping you complete the process within no time, which can’t work with other financial lending institutions. 


Again, all that the lender wants are collateral. For example, when you are purchasing an investment property, your lender will give you an amount equivalent to the property’s worth. When you have a foreclosure, or your credit report reads negatively, that is less important to the hard money loan lenders since they don’t look at your credit. 

It is important to understand that most hard money lenders have a relatively low loan-to-value ratio (LTV ratios). In most cases, their maximum LTV ratio ranges between 50% and 70%, which means that you need assets that qualify for your intended hard money.

Use These 3 Factors To Choose Your Next Cargo Trailer

When it comes to finding the best trailer to haul your boats, jet skis, or other recreational vehicles, you have to consider a few different factors. To ensure that you have the safest trip possible, keep these three factors in mind.

Type of Vehicle

If you want to tow a boat or other large vehicle, your personal vehicle has to have the capability to tow the cargo and the trailer. You should review your vehicle’s capabilities in advance to make sure that you have a compatible hitch system. Make sure to double-check before purchasing unless you are buying a trailer from your vehicle’s manufacturer. You can look up most vehicle’s tow ratings. This includes the size, maximum load they can carry and the maximum trailer weight they can carry.

Type of Cargo

Finding the best cargo trailers Delaware has to offer is easier when you know the specifics of the type of cargo you plan to carry. For example, if you have a boat that you want to carry, you would consider the length of the boat, its weight, and how safe it would be on a variety of different trailers.

Some people only use the trailer to transport, whereas others may use trailers to store their vehicles when not in use. The type of cargo, how you plan to use it and the weight are going to be factors in how you find the best trailer.

Type of Budget

Boat trailers range in price. You can find one as affordable as $600 or as expensive as $8,000. The difference is in how much the trailer can carry, the type of material used and the design. Trailers designed to carry heavier loads with higher-quality materials tend to cost more.

There are trailers that can fit nearly any type of boat or recreational vehicle. Finding the right one depends on how much information you have about the type of cargo you want to tow and the vehicle that you plan to drive.

Modern Conveniences for Car Keys

Protecting your car keys is vital to keep your routine in tact and not derail your plans. There are a few innovations to help people keep track of their keys. Contacting your local key replacement Germantown MD has never been easier and avoiding other accidents with your keys can be planned for easily. Here are some way you can easily protect your keys.

Know Your Nearest Locksmith

Locksmiths can be a big preventative help for your car keys. They can cut copies you can hold at home. They can even program the transponders for new keys to work with your car. Having their number in your back pocket means you have ready support when you need it. Even if you didn’t plan ahead with spares, they have the tools to help you get back into your car or replace a broken key altogether.

Damage Resistance

Keys can be fitted to avoid water damage and reduce physical damage. Locksmiths can put materials on your keys to help protect their longevity. If your keys have an electronic component, you should invest in waterproof covering. Things can happen when you order a large coke in a drive through line; it’s best to avoid a spill that ruins the transponder in your key.

Key Locator Apps

If you’re a forgetful person, your best option is to have an app to find your keys. If they have a transponder inside, you can use locator apps programmed to the key’s signal. Then, you can easily find your keys after they’ve fallen in between the couch cushions.

Prevent a worse case scenario. Copies can help you when you’ve lost your main pair of keys. Extra material can protect your keys from spills and other accidents and support longevity. If you are just prone to misplacing things, use an app to locate your keys. Know what you’re exposed to most often and take the appropriate steps.

How To Change a Tire

Flat tires are one of the most common problems that cars can have. Fortunately, they’re also one of the easiest to fix. Everyone should know how to change their car’s tires.

Why it Matters

Many car problems have simple solutions and can be resolved on your own. Everyone should have some basic car repair Brigham City UT knowledge, including knowing how to change a tire. That way, if you’re ever stranded on the side of the road with no assistance, you’ll know what to do.

1. Be Safe

When you notice you have a problem with your tire, you should try to find a safe place to stop, such as a parking lot. Turn on your hazards and put up any reflective devices you have to make sure you are visible to other drivers.

2. Turn Lug Nuts

First, remove your car’s hubcap if it has one. Then use a wrench to loosen each lug nut until you can easily turn them by hand.

3. Use the Jack

You’ll want to place the jack under the car where it is only in contact with metal framing, as it could bend plastic. Next, raise the jack until the tire is off of the ground.

4. Remove the Tire

You will now remove the lug nuts that you loosened. Then, you will pull the tire towards yourself to remove it.

5. Replace the Tire

Place your spare tire on the car by lining it up with the lug nut posts and pushing towards the car.

6. Tighten Lug Nuts

Put the lug nuts back on the posts and tighten them to secure the tire. Tighten them in small increments in a rotation. Tighten them as much as you can.

7. Lower the Car and Check Lug Nuts

You will then lower the car and remove the jack. Check to see if any of the lug nuts can be tightened more.

Once these steps are completed, your car will be drivable again. You should then take your car to a tire shop to replace the tires.

How To Deal With Family Members Who Hoard

If you have family members who hoard, you know that it is not always easy to break them of this lifestyle. Although it won’t be an overnight process, it can be done. Learn more about how you can combat this disorder with a little help from outside sources.

Understand It Is Psychological

There is a psychology behind hoarding. Individuals may hoard because of the trauma they encountered in life, and they feel hoarding possessions is one way they can maintain control of a situation. Depending on how bad the hoarding is, it might be helpful to have a professional involved, so you are not trying to assist or otherwise intervene on your own. They can also provide your family member with tools to use to help their hoarding tendencies from getting out of hand again.

It Takes Time

Go in with the understanding that you might have to tackle the hoarding bit by bit. This can depend on the size of the house, how much has accumulated over time, and if the hoarder lives and acts alone, or if there are other family members who are caught up in it as well. During this time, it can be useful to rent a dumpster and clear items out bit by bit.

Know What The End Game Is

While you might want the hoarder to have a perfectly clean house, that won’t necessarily happen overnight. If they have other places on their property, such as a garage or sheds, you’ll need to go through those, too. Make a plan for bigger items, such as taking old cars to junk yards in MD.

If you are trying to help a family member with hoarding, it’s crucial to understand this is psychological. The whole process takes time, and you should develop a plan for how you want to get everything cleaned up.

Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard provides endless entertainment on hot summer days. Routine maintenance helps to keep your pool in pristine condition and ready to use at all times.

Inspect the Pump

The swimming pool pump handles cycling water through the filter system. Ideally, the pump runs for at least ten hours a day. Check the air vents on the pump’s housing system daily. Make sure that there isn’t any debris or dust blocking incoming air and preventing proper cooling. Since this is a vital component of your pool, have your pump serviced by a professional once a year. If there are any issues or concerns, they can order the necessary pump products Ontario for repair.

Clean the Litter

Leaves, bugs and even trash find their way into your pool. The easiest way to get this out is by using a skimmer net. Drag the net along the surface of the water to capture the debris. Pools also have skimmer baskets that collect unwanted material to keep it from getting into the pump system. Empty the basket so it doesn’t get so full of debris that it blocks water circulation completely. If the litter sinks to the bottom, you can vacuum it up. The best option is to get a robotic vacuum that runs in your pool continuously, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. Not only does keeping your pool clear of debris make it look more inviting, but it also prevents the buildup of algae.

Monitor Water Chemistry

Chlorine is a chemical added to a pool to keep it free from bacteria and viruses. Levels fluctuate based on how much water evaporates or splashes out of the pool. Test the levels of chlorine daily when the days are hot or in times of frequent use.

Keeping your pool in good condition isn’t hard work if you do it each day. Focus on these three things to ensure it is always available for summertime fun.

6 Signs Your Suspension Needs Repair

Your car’s suspension system is responsible for keeping the vehicle in control and smoothing out your ride. With every bump or pothole in the road, the suspension system takes the impact and absorbs it, so you hardly feel a thing.

If your suspension system goes bad, you will have a hard time controlling your car. Here are six signs that your suspension system might be failing, so it’s time to take your vehicle in for local auto repair West Palm Beach FL.

1. A Rough Ride

When you start to feel every bump and curve in the road, it could be a sign that your suspension needs repair. The struts and shocks are part of the system that should absorb the bumps in the road. If they don’t, it’s probably time to replace them.

2. Drifting or Pulling

Do you feel like your car wants to drift over the left or right? Trying to keep the steering wheel on a steady course can be challenging. The suspension system is supposed to keep the vehicle body stable at all times. If it’s pulling or drifting, then it needs repair.

3. Lurching Forward

If your car lurches forward and downward when you apply the brakes, it’s a sign that your shocks are worn out. This could affect your ability to stop, so you should have the car looked at as soon as possible.

4. Uneven Tires

Are your tires unevenly worn down? This could be caused by the suspension system breaking down to a point where it can no longer hold the vehicle even. A suspension system that is working correctly will put even amounts of pressure on all tires.

5. Oily Shocks

When inspecting the shocks and struts under your car, if they are oily, it could mean they are damaged and leaking.

6. The Bounce Test

There’s a simple test you can do to see if your suspension is going bad. While the car is in park, press down on the front with all your weight and “bounce” it. Do the same on the rear end of the car. If it continues to bounce after you release it, the suspension needs to be repaired.

3 Signs To Spot Engine Failure

People have a way of communicating when they feel something’s off, and so does your car. Your automobile works hard on a daily basis to get you where you need to go, which can wear on it over time. You can return the favor by taking care of your vehicle and watching out for engine troubles. You don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road, even if you entrust your car to the best auto repair service Ferguson MO has to offer.

A car will give you warning signs long before it breaks down. Before getting back on the road, read on to learn about a few hints that tell you your car needs an engine repair.

Extra Noise

Your engine may chatter every once in a while, but anything more should grab your attention. If things start to get worse, your engine will make what most people refer to as a knocking sound. Once your engine rattles, you know it’s time to take a closer look. You can try and spot the issue, but it helps to have a second pair of eyes on it. Only a professional can diagnose the issue with swiftness and accuracy.

Suspicious Smoke

If you see a trail of smoke in your rearview mirror, that’s an instant red flag for you to have your engine checked. Depending on the color of the smoke, the problem can range from burning oil to a leaking coolant. Regardless, smoke means nothing good. Be sure to take your car in, so an auto repair service can give you a precise analysis.

Poor Performance

You now know the obvious tip-offs of engine failure, but there are more subtle signs to be aware of. If your car tends to stall in traffic, then this could reveal engine troubles. Slow acceleration and a required warm-up time also tell you that your engine is slowing down. Once this happens, it’s time to have a mechanic fix it up. 

Remember the signs, so you can make sure your car gets the same amount of attention that it’s given you.

4 Car Checks To Make Before a Summer Trip

When you plan for a long summer road trip with your family, the last thing you want to experience is your car faltering in the middle of nowhere. Your car’s major mechanical systems must work seamlessly if you want to make it to your destination. You can minimize the risk of car-system breakdowns by performing the following preventative maintenance inspections.

1. Air Conditioner

When outside temperatures reach heightened levels, your car’s air conditioner will need to work overtime to keep the interior comfortable. Air conditioners remove moisture in the air, bringing down temperatures. Excess humidity is not only uncomfortable but in extreme temperatures can lead to your body overheating. Have your car’s air conditioner serviced auto ac repair shop Fairfax VA before the trip.

2. Cooling System

When was the last time you had your engine’s cooling system checked? You need to address this often-overlooked maintenance task under any circumstance, but especially before a road trip. An inspection will ascertain the condition of your coolant in particular and the cooling system in general. A well-functioning cooling system both prevents engine overheating and helps keep essential engine parts lubricated.

3. Oil and Filter

The oil you add to your motor provides primary lubrication functions. Over time the oil breaks down such that it loses some of its lubrication properties. Change your oil and oil filter based on your car’s service manual’s mileage recommendation, especially if you will pass that mileage during the trip. In the month leading up to the trip, check your oil’s level weekly to ensure it is not dropping inadvertently.

4. Tires and Brakes

Your car’s tires and brakes work together to keep you both turning and stopping safely. Worn breaks will lose their stopping power gradually, while worn tires can fail quickly and catastrophically. A mechanic should inspect both tires and brakes at the same time.

On a long summer drive, your car needs to perform flawlessly. By maintaining its major systems prior to the trip, you can take comfort that the car will hold up its end of the travel bargain.

Three Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Your Spouse

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right opportunity to show your spouse how much you love and care about him or her. If you are looking for a small but meaningful way to convey your appreciation, read on for a few helpful ideas.

Have His or Her Car Cleaned

Cars can accumulate grime and crumbs quickly, especially if you have small children, commute daily or both. Next time your spouse is at an appointment, out of town or otherwise distracted from the daily grind, take his or her car to a detailer for a spotless car cleaning. Your spouse will be thrilled to drive a car that feels just like new!

Get a Surprise Gift

You may not necessarily want to go overboard and blow your previously agreed-upon budget on a lavish piece of jewelry or anything else excessively costly, but a small trinket goes a long way towards showing how much you care. “It’s the thought that counts” may be a cliché, but in this case, it rings true. A bouquet of flowers, a new coffee mug and a comfortable set of pajamas are all viable candidates.

Do Some Extra Chores

Another way to be a star spouse and show your husband or wife just how much he or she is appreciated is to take on some extra household duties. This could involve vacuuming every room, washing the dishes or doing a load or two of laundry. If possible, set your spouse up to relax while you tackle these tasks.

Successful, long-lasting marriages are formed on a basis of mutual respect and admiration. By doing small favors for your spouse on a regular basis, you will show him or her the depth of your love and commitment to your relationship.