Are You Covered You If You Hit a Deer?

When you have a deer in the headlights, what do you do? You may want to make sure that you have the right kind of insurance coverage to protect you in case a deer runs in front of your vehicle. 

Are Accidents With Deer Common?

A common cause of vehicle accidents is collisions with deer. Each year, there may be as many as 1.5 million vehicle accidents involving deer. In some states, such as West Virginia and Montana, one in 37 drivers report hitting a deer. Accidents involving deer are also more common in the fall, from October to December. 

Will Your Insurance Policy Cover Hitting a Deer?

You might be surprised to learn that your state-mandated liability policy won’t cover injuries or damage to your car after hitting a deer. Liability insurance only covers damage and injuries to others. Collision coverage pays for damage to your car from collisions with other vehicles and objects. Deer accidents also will not be covered by collision insurance, along with damage due to theft, vandalism, and fire. 

Do You Need Comprehensive Insurance? 

When you hit a deer, you need a comprehensive policy, such as from a personal insurance Grayslake IL company, to pay for damage to your car. A comprehensive policy will also cover damage or replacement because of falling objects, fire, vandalism, and theft. You may have to pay a certain amount called a deductible out of pocket for your claim, but the insurance will pay the rest to the limit you have set in your policy. 

Comprehensive insurance will cover you for collisions with deer or if a falling object like a tree damages your car. If your car is damaged by a deer or a falling tree, make sure you have adequate coverage by talking with a licensed insurance agent.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Engine Repairs

Do you rely on your vehicle to get you to and from work or school every day? Do you need it to take your kids where they need to go and to participate in fun activities?  

If so, you probably don’t have time for a breakdown. Unfortunately, these can occur at any time, especially if you don’t invest in regular maintenance. Keep reading to learn the top signs you need professional car repair Edmonds WA.

Excess Exhaust Smoke

Every car produces some exhaust. However, if you notice excessive exhaust, it means your engine may be in trouble. Based on the color of the smoke, you may be able to diagnose the issue at hand.

For example, if the smoke is blue, it means oil is burning. If it is white, it’s a sign of burning coolant. Black smoke means that excessive gas is being used.

Check Engine Light

It’s best to get to the repair shop right away if you see the check engine light come on. The sooner you have a problem diagnosed, the less likely it will turn into a bigger problem.

Rough Idling

Does your car seem to sputter while you are driving or at an idle? If so, there’s likely engine trouble to blame.

The good news is this may mean a simple fix. For example, you may need to replace a sensor or install new spark plugs.


If your vehicle suddenly dies while you are driving or while you are idling, it’s best to get to the mechanic right away. This is a serious issue and one that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you do not notice any of the issues above, it is good to get to the mechanic right away. The longer you wait for service, the more issues that you may face. Being informed will help ensure you get service when it is needed. 

How To Prevent a Tire Blowout on Oilfield Trucks

Truck tires face more abuse than those on your average family car. If you’re working in an oilfield, they might be rolling over unpaved and harsh terrain for hours on end. 

A tire blowout is the last thing you need on your shift. To reduce the need for oil field assistance Williston ND you can follow these tips.

Keep Your Tires Free and Clear

You might be working in slushy or muddy conditions, and wheel wells can fill up pretty quickly with muck that affects steering. Long-term effects might even be corrosion and wear if there’s chemicals or salt mixed into what you’re driving through. Sometimes rough conditions are unavoidable,  but cleaning up and washing tires between shifts is one way to prevent nasty surprises from sneaking up. 

Be Mindful of Haul Weight

Everything has a limit to how much it can take, your truck included. Overloading your truck doesn’t just put strain on the body, but your tires too. 

Know Your Pressure

Find out the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) for your tires and then check your pressure with a gauge at least once a month to ensure the pressure stays within an acceptable margin. Seasonal temperature changes can also affect the pressure in your tires, so you might want to take a peek when it starts to feel a bit frosty out. 

Service Your Tires Regularly 

Getting your tires aligned ensures there’s an even distribution of wear and that one won’t go bad quicker than the others. Getting your tires rotated serves a similar function. Some tire positions recieve more wear, and moving them to another spot after six thousand miles will keep them functional longer.

Even if you put on a new set of tires every three years, blowouts can happen. But knowing you’ve done everything you can now may prevent regrets later.


Buying Your First Car? Be Sure To Do These 3 Things

Are you ready for your first set of wheels? Have you saved up enough to finally get that car you’ve been wanting? Buying your first vehicle is a significant occasion and responsibility. Once completed, you have a monthly payment that factors into your credit score, and you incur additional duties to ensure it remains in good condition for the road. Likely, this expense is sticking around for a while. Complete your due diligence by doing the following three things before you sign a contract.

1. Understand Your Budget

Cars cost thousands of dollars, meaning you could spend hundreds of dollars a month in principal and interest to afford the transportation. Make sure you know your budget before you head into the dealership. Review your monthly costs and incomes, determining how much extra you have each month. Decide a percentage to allot to the vehicle. Use that amount to assist in your car shopping endeavor.

2. Invest in Car Insurance

Complete a search for general insurance broker TX, and use those numbers to call around for estimates on auto insurance policies. Ensure that your budget can cover the monthly payments. If you get in an accident, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s, the coverage helps you make repairs and cover medical issues. Without it, you could pay expensive bills out of pocket

3. Look Up Safety Measures

Research various makes and models online before you meet with sales associates. The internet allows for thorough searches, helping you understand crash test ratings and bolstered security measures. On the road, you want to feel safe, defended from oncoming traffic. Look for newer and older models that hold up well in various situations.

Be ready to ride with ease and comfort. Learn about the different options available in cars, payment plans and insurance. Then, select something that offers you security and fits within your budget.

Which Occupations Require Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage?

If your job requires hitting the road and traveling a majority of your day, you will need to have auto insurance. Anyone who is self-employed is responsible for their auto insurance coverage, but which type of policy is needed? Here are several occupations requiring commercial auto insurance for work vehicles.

Truckers and Bus Drivers

Truckers and bus drivers are required to have commercial auto insurance. Employers usually cover this expense for employees using fleet vehicles. If you are a self-employed truck driver, you are responsible for purchasing and maintaining your commercial truck insurance in Peoria AZ. Most bus drivers are company employees so they typically don’t pay for coverage.

Snow Removal

If you are a self-employed plow operator for a snow removal business, you will need commercial auto insurance. Because of the increased risk of damage due to road hazards, plow operators should ensure they have enough liability and collision coverage.

Food Delivery Drivers

Restaurants employing delivery drivers often pay for insurance coverage even if their delivery workers use their own car. If you are seeking this type of employment, you need to check with the company to find out if they provide coverage for free or if they require drivers to purchase their own commercial policy.

Rideshare Drivers

Uber and Lyft, popular rideshare companies, offer some type of commercial auto insurance for their drivers. Because personal auto policies do not cover rideshare drivers, insurance providers developed special programs for customers that include both personal and commercial policies.

Tradesmen and Landscapers

Transporting equipment and supplies for landscaping and building trades requires commercial auto insurance. Employees should check if their company will pay for coverage.

Before you sign any contracts for jobs requiring vehicle use, insurance agents recommend talking to employers about auto insurance. If you need additional coverage, search for carriers providing commercial policies for individuals. Having your employer’s coverage and a personal policy should fulfill all of your legal and protective commercial insurance requirements.

Things To Do When You Want To Buy a New Car

Have you recently begun thinking about purchasing a new car? Buying a brand new automobile is a very exciting experience. When you choose to get yourself a shiny new set of wheels, you want to make sure you do everything to make it the best experience possible. Planning will help you save money and stress in the long run.

Get Some Insurance

One of the most important parts of owning an automobile is getting insurance for your purchase. In most places, it’s illegal to drive a car without financial responsibility. When it’s time for you to sign on the dotted line and buy a vehicle, you want to have an insurance policy ready to go when you arrive at the dealership. To find this kind of service, it’s important to look for companies that provide auto insurance Newark DE.

Find the Best Price

When you’ve located the exact make and model vehicle that you want to purchase, you want to make sure you find the best possible price. Some dealerships have better inventory and pricing than other ones do. If the car you like is fairly popular, call around to multiple dealers to see who can offer you the best deal. Think about what features you want to have and what color you would like the car to be.

Secure the Right Financing

After you’ve acquired insurance and located the best dealer for the right make and model, you will then need to find a way to finance the car. If you have a favorite bank that you prefer to deal with, then you would want to get approved for automobile financing through them before you arrive at the dealership. If you purchase the car with an interest rate that isn’t the best, you could wait a few months and refinance the loan with a different bank.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Once you can drive your shiny new ride home, you will want to plan for how you’ll take care of your car in the future. The car obviously won’t take care of itself, so you’ll want to have regular maintenance performed at the specified intervals. Have oil changes when they’re due, and get other services done when the owner’s manual suggests it. This will make your car last as long as possible.

A little bit of forethought and planning will go a long way. A little bit of research will be well worth it.


Benefits of buying used trucks for sale

Used trucks offer considerable value for money. You can get significant discounts on these vehicles if you buy them used, making this option very attractive to potential buyers on a budget. However, buying a used vehicle is not simple, as it requires some research and knowledge about the market to make the right decision. To ease your research, here are five benefits of buying used trucks that may change your mind.


Used trucks are everywhere. They make great work vehicles precisely because they can handle a beating. That means they won’t be scrapped even if they show signs of wear and tear. Also, most used trucks are sold every year on the market thanks to older vehicles getting replaced by newer ones. Newer models usually depreciate faster than older ones. Therefore, it is not necessarily true that all used trucks are old or have had many owners before you got them; almost nobody practically drove some.


The final price of a used vehicle is determined by its mileage and condition, which is why it’s critical to do some research on where you can find in-depth information about these two aspects before buying a truck. Through online research, you have everything you need to get detailed info on both factors. You can even check out pictures of the trucks online if they are not locally available, so that you can see what shape they’re in before making a purchase. Either way, always remember that when buying a used vehicle, negotiating the price is important as the one or two thousand dollars difference will mean a lot for both parties involved in the deal.


When you buy a used for trucks for sale, the warranty is usually already expired, so you have to be careful when driving it. However, some dealers might offer insurance options that cover your contract in case of accidents while still allowing you to drive your truck with peace of mind thanks to their ability to cover damage and repairs. It’s vital if you’re trying to save money while enjoying a slightly more expensive vehicle than what you could otherwise afford. That means that for approximately $100 per month, you get better protection than if purchasing increased liability limits at state minimums.


Used vehicles are typically cheaper on the market because they do not come with factory warranties anymore, and because of this, it’s vital to think about proper maintenance and repairs when buying a truck. Even though your warranty has expired, you can still buy service contracts through dealerships to get coverage for necessary repairs. The repairs can cover considerable expenses such as engine replacement or transmission repair that may happen at any time after purchase.


Used trucks were designed to hold up under heavy use and exposure to the elements. Therefore, they will likely last longer than other types of cars or SUVs. While it’s not unusual for second-hand cars and crossovers to have well more than 100,000 miles on them before they require any major work or refurbishing, most reconditioned used trucks can quickly go twice as far without problems occurring. Notably, most commercial truck buyers often buy slightly used (one owner) rather than new (two owners) and factory-reconditioned vs. used trucks for sale because they’re less likely to be worn out.

What’s Old Is New Again – The Best Hot Rod Restoration Shops Have These 2 Things in Common

Perhaps you’re fortunate and inherited a classic car, vintage vehicle or, antique hot rod from a family member or, maybe you’ve developed an interest in buying, restoring and, re-selling old cars. Whatever the reason that you’re searching for the best classic car restoration shops, you’re looking for excellence. Read on to learn how to recognize the commonalities present in the best hot rod restoration shops.

They Specialize in Hot Rod, Classic, Vintage, Antique Car Restoration     

Any wrench-wielding mechanic can call themselves an expert in restoring old cars to their previous glory. However, only a few highly knowledgeable auto technicians are adequately skilled with the right experience and unique expertise to bring these tremendous old beauties back to life. Unlike other auto body shops that occasionally work on these cars as a side job, the best classic car shops specialize and consistently use high-quality parts, paint, and expert labor. Since restoration is their only focus, they re-produce the finest looking and performing vintage vehicles around. When searching for the best auto restoration shops Decatur IL be sure to ask about their experience and process.       

The Auto-Technicians Possess a Passion Evident in the End Result

The best hot rod restoration shops employ experienced, highly-skilled auto technicians who have a passion for restoration, evident in the end result. It’s certainly not a simple process getting creaky cranky sometimes ramshackle old beater classics ready for prime time again. The best shops truly enjoy and strive to restore these cars to their original powerful performance and gorgeous head-turning status. It takes a unique vision and fierce passion for excellence that’s baked into the work ethic of the auto techs and shop team members that restore and re-introduce the world to what made the car so special in the first place.   

As you can see, the best hot rod restoration shops specialize and display a passion for their work.      

How to Find the Best Oil for Your Vehicle

There are several different ways that you can go about finding the best oil for your vehicle. Some of them are going to work better than others, while other options will end up being a waste of time. You need to gather as much information as possible before you start your search for the perfect oil change or for oil delivery Hopatcong NJ. Here are a few tips that might help you out when you are looking for oil for your car.

Figure Out Your Car’s Fuel

One of the first things that you should do is figure out just what type of fuel your vehicle uses. Some cars run on regular oil, while others will need to have an oil change performed every couple of thousand miles or so. It is important to know what kind of fuel your car is going to be working with before you start looking for oil. Once you have this information, then you can start thinking about the best option. There are some options that are going to cost more than others, but you will want to weigh the cost against the performance results that you will get from the oil change in the long run. You will always want to make sure that you get the best results, so make sure that you take a look at everything that is available to you before you decide on anything.

Check Your Engine Oil Frequently

It is very important to check your engine oil frequently, and if you have been neglecting to change it, then you should make that a priority. This is going to be vital information that you should not ignore when you are looking for the best price. You might not think that it matters, but regular maintenance is going to be the best way to keep everything working properly. Make sure that you keep up with the oil filters, drain plugs, and other parts that are going to affect how well your engine works.

Find the Best Oil

Finding the best oil for your engine will not be difficult. Take the time to make sure that you take all of the proper precautions, and that you are checking with multiple places before you make your decision. This will ensure that you get the oil that is best for your car and will ensure that you get it changed on schedule. Check into the engine maintenance of the type of vehicle that you drive regularly, and you will soon see how to look for the best oil.

Importance of Tractor in Modern Farming

The use of tractors in modern farming is not a new concept. They come in handy in mechanizing various tasks, including tilling, plowing, planting, and maintaining backyards.

Modern tractors offer unbeatable benefits to farms with small or large farms. However, you will need to choose the right tractor package, such as Massey Ferguson Tractor Package Deals, to get the greatest value from your purchase. Notably, the best tractor package deals consist of a tractor, a trailer, and many essential customizable attachments.

The kind of package you choose determines the kind of benefits you can enjoy. Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy include:

Available in Various Options

Firstly, you will like the fact that tractors come in various options to suit various requirements and tasks. The most common versions you will find on the market are compact tractors. Farming machines that fall in this category have a horsepower rating of between 15hp to 40hp and are ideal for digging, hauling, plowing, and heavy-duty landscaping assignments.

There are smaller versions of compact tractors that provide versatility to perform various intricate gardening tasks, including mowing, tilling, landscaping, and moving mulch. Besides, diesel tractors are the largest and have horsepower ratings of between 45hp and 110hp. They are compatible with various farm implements, making them ideal for mechanized complex farming applications.

Rugged and Durable

Farming tractors do not ply their trade on highways, and when you see them on roads, they are always heading to farms, backyards, or fields. They feature rugged construction that allows them to absorb shock and knocks, making them pretty durable despite the challenging off-road environments.

Modern versions come with cast iron axels at the front, giving them remarkable strength and longevity. Of course, cast iron is resistant to corrosion and weather. Besides, tractors have powerful engines to enhance their movement on tough terrains and facilitate reliability in performing heavy-duty tasks.


Irrespective of the brand or model of tractor you opt for, you can accomplish any tasks related to farming, hauling, or landscaping that tractors can handle. And this will also involve going for the right tractor package. Incorporating customizable attachments can also make your tractor of choice suitable for hunting and other outdoor projects.

So, you will need to choose a tractor and tractor package based on its suitability for the applications you intend and the availability of relevant attachments. You may also need to consider if the available attachments are customizable.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Another advantage of owning a farming tractor is its ease of operation and transmission. Currently, manufacturers use simple hydraulic transmission and powershift transmission systems on modern tractors to improve ease of operation.

Tractors are also not too prone to damage and will not cost you a lot in maintenance. However, the repair procedures for most tractors are easy, and you can trust any good local mechanic to handle them. Besides, spare parts are pretty available but ensure you source for those compatible with your tractor model.

You have all the reasons to own a tractor. And apart from the advantages highlighted above, owning a tractor allows you to accomplish your tasks within your schedules. You also save money by using personal equipment.