Recording Fun

I know how much fun it can be to drive around your area and be aware that you can share this fun with others. I also know that a dash cam video camera can help you with that task.

I remember how many years ago while driving in my car somebody hit my vehicle and caused an accident that way. I was convinced that I wasn’t to blame for the whole situation, but the lack of witnesses made the whole situation a lot more difficult for me. When I look at all of this right now I wish I have had a dash camera somewhere on my vehicle. This would definitely have helped a lot as I would have had more proof that I wasn’t the one to blame for the accident. Fortunately for me, I was compensated, but things would have been a lot easier if only I had some sort of help to prove my innocence in the case.

I started this post saying that it is fun to be able to drive and record videos of places you happen to visit. Once I was driving along a beautiful and absolutely spectacular shoreline that was breathtaking. It would have been great to have a dash cam to help me to capture the uniqueness and outstanding beauty of it. Of course, it was many years ago so nobody even had a dash cam at their disposal, but if I was to drive to a place like this again I would certainly take a cam like this with me this time. There are simply places the beauty of which you need to share with others or you won’t be able to live with yourself. I am sure that there are many people out there who would like to know where you are and what you do. You can make sure that they are always up to speed by having a dash cam attached to your vehicle.