Can an Audi be a Lemon?

An Audi vehicle that does not live up to the standards of safety and usability as promised by the Audi manufacturer when purchasing the vehicle can be classified as a Audi lemon. This can be any car or SUV that was purchased; whether it’s used, new, or leased under manufacturer warranty. If the Audi dealer is refusing to fix the vehicle or the owner has taken the vehicle for maintenance more than a few times for the same issue, then it is recommended to call an an expert Audi lemon law attorney who can help you speed up the process and provide justice for your lemon car with a wide range of compensations.

Companies such as Audi ultimately make mistakes and the issue is faced by the owner of the vehicle who has a defected car. Not to worry because Audi, just like any vehicle sold, is protected by the state’s lemon law, which protects buyers from defected cars. It’s important to know that each state has its own lemon laws, but all states have a fair chance to get you compensated for a defected Audi.

How Do you know if you have a Lemon?

Since each case is different, the best way to know if you have a lemon car is to talk to an experienced Audi Lemon Law Lawyer. However, the most important thing to check is if you have a manufacturer warranty for Audi. This is important because it is where you will receive the compensation for the defects of the vehicle.

The general requirements to have a valid lemon law claim are as followed:

  • The vehicle is under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The dealer has made 2 or more vehicle repairs.
  • The dealer made 4 or more vehicle repair attempts to fix the same vehicle issue.
  • The vehicle has been in the shop for more than 30 days combined in the total number of repair days.
  • The dealer is telling you that the vehicle’s warranty does not cover your issue.

If the criteria is met, the Lemon Law defends the buyer of a vehicle and is entitled to compensation.

You Have Rights as Audi Owner

An Audi owner is always protected by the lemon law under manufacturer warranty if such circumstances occur when a vehicle stops functioning. An owner is entitled to a fully functioning vehicle or compensation for a defective Audi. If you are someone who has Audi and has an on-going defect, then we recommend seeking an Audi lemon law attorney at Consumer Action Law Group for professional advice on your case. Our lemon law attorneys will fight for you and get you the results you deserve. You may be qualified to receive a refund or replacement vehicle at no charge.