How Safe is Your Broken Auto Glass

A broken windshield is usually unexpected and frustrating. Hearing that sound of a rock hitting the glass and then seeing it broken could leave you with questions. Should I get if fixed? Do I call a auto glass company? At some point it will need to be fixed. In this article we will go over when it’s safe to keep driving or use a windshield replacement company.

It’s All About Location

There are two key factors if you need to get a windshield replacement right away or if you can continue driving. The first one is where is the crack located? If it’s directly in your line of sight then it’s something you will need to get fixed right away. It’s dangerous to have anything blocking your line of sight while driving. Having a crack obscure your vision can easily lead to even bigger issues such as a car accident. Don’t try to risk it and call a mobile auto glass company to fix it.

How Is The Structural Integrity

The second factor if you can drive safely with damage to your auto glass is the structural integrity. You might not realize it but your auto glass plays an important role in your vehicles over all structural integrity. One small crack can be all it takes to diminish the strength of the vehicle. If the crack is at the top or bottom of the windshield, you should be able to buy sometime before getting it fixed by an auto glass company. If the crack is in the middle of the windshield there should be a much quicker response to getting it fixed since it can spider out and become larger.

Should You Repair or Replace

This will all depend on the size of the crack. If its less than one inch in diameter and less than three inches long. If you’re within this category, there are a number of do it yourself kits to try. Or you can call an experienced auto glass company to repair it for you. The process will be to apply a resin to help get the vehicles structural integrity back. A couple important things to know about a repair is that it will never be back to the aesthetic condition before the crack happened. There will be noticeable blemish that will be recognized. The second important factor to consider is that no matter how secure the resin is, there is no guarantee that it will stop spreading the crack and cause more damage. Things like hitting a pothole or putting any pressure on the glass can make the crack worse even after a repair.

The windshield replacement is the only way to guarantee that you would not have any more issues with the crack. The disadvantage is that a windshield replacement is a much more expensive approach than an a repair. If you have the funds available, it would be in your best interest to call a mobile auto glass company and get a quote on what it would cost to replace. Even though it’s more expensive it can provide you with a peace of mind when your back on the road.