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Insurance fraud set to rise due to current tough economic conditions

Impounded Car Insurance UK believe that as the current economic climate continues to squeeze away at the general public, there’s likely to be an increase in the number of consumers and households who are willing to commit insurance fraud. A survey by Equifax polled 2000 consumers, 67% of which saying that economic conditions will make people more likely to be less than truthful on an insurance application while 87%, who are most likely lying, claim that they’ve never at any point committed insurance fraud by being less than truthful on an insurance claim.

This research shows that there is a generational distinction in perceptions on what constitutes fraudulent behaviour, 19% of respondents aged between 25 and 34 years of age claiming it was slightly acceptable to over-estimate the valu...

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Why People Buy New Cars

There are a good number of people who simply prefer to buy their cars new, every time they  they are ready to buy one. Then there are others who argue, “What is wrong with continuing to drive the car we have until it gives out entirely and/or the wheels fall off?” There is a certain motivation lying specifically behind a new car purchase. It’s roots are probably deeply found in the aspect of these car buyers not wanting to have someone else’s cast offs, in the belief that features like safety, comfort, style, image, convenience and reliability can only be gotten by purchasing a new car, right from the lot...

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On Save Money with Environment Friendly Driving Techniques

The cost of maintaining a car has been increasing and so has the cost of gas in the household, because of this increase in costs; there has been a need for eco-friendly driving methods for people who drive to work on a daily basis.

If you live in Brisbane, then you will be glad to know that driving schools in Brisbane have introduced eco-friendly driving lessons to make sure new drivers understand how to drive in a cheap and fuel-efficient method. Students are taught how to accelerate smoothly, braking methods, matching road speed and engine speed properly and using the gears in the right way. When these methods are used in the right way, they will not just reduce fuel consumption, but will as well reduce wear and tear on the car.

Statistics have shown that by using the right eco-friendly ...

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Keeping a Luxury Car in Top Shape

Every luxury car deserves to be treated with care and respect. Even if you rent a car from an Luxury Car Rental Los Angeles, you still need to make sure that you take care of it properly at any time you are given control over that car.

Luxury and exotic cars, due to their nature, might and usually do require meticulous care compared to regular cars. The reason this happens is that luxury cars and luxury cars and they need to look good at all times. There is no place for candy wraps left by your toddler or spilled coffee in a luxury car or an exotic one. After all, Exotic Car Rental Los Angeles is to ensure that exotic cars that you can rent there are top-notch.

It is very important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of a luxury car before and while driving the car...

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