Why People Buy New Cars

There are a good number of people who simply prefer to buy their cars new, every time they  they are ready to buy one. Then there are others who argue, “What is wrong with continuing to drive the car we have until it gives out entirely and/or the wheels fall off?” There is a certain motivation lying specifically behind a new car purchase. It’s roots are probably deeply found in the aspect of these car buyers not wanting to have someone else’s cast offs, in the belief that features like safety, comfort, style, image, convenience and reliability can only be gotten by purchasing a new car, right from the lot.  There could be many other reasons motivating the vast majority of new car purchases by Americans who need to buy a car, however the important thing to all car buyers is to choose the right car and to get the best available possible deal on your purchase.


According to recent studies, here are ten reasons why people prefer a new car, truck, minivan or SUV:

  1. They Couldn’t Pass Up the New Look. Often, it simply boils down to the way the new models look, and car manufacturers know this, so they are continually redesigning the way their new cars look to draw buyers.
  2. Leasing. The individual’s lease in their existing car is almost up.
  3. Gas Mileage. Many of the new cars are designed with maximum ability to save on gas, while many older model cars are gas guzzlers.
  4. Responding to Pressure From Spouse. While this may sound like a joke, its really true. People who are successfully married have learned to pick their battles, and this just may be one of them.
  5. The Lure of Financing Incentives and Deals. Often, dealerships offer unbeatable promotions that make buying a new car really enticing.
  6. Tech-driven Gadgets. There’s a certain percent of car buyers who just totally get off on all the bells and whistles that car manufacturers include on new car models. A buyer can be assured that all of them will work, and there’s even a warranty on all of them.
  7. The Feel of a New Car. There are just some people who want a new car, each and every time  they buy one.  And sure, that irresistible “new car scent” is appealing, however it doesn’t last long enough.
  8. Advanced Safety Features. In an effort to be the leader in sales, car manufacturers are continually addressing the safety features that will make their models stand out from the rest.
  9. Unpleasant History With Old Cars. Many car buyers have a history of owning older model or used cars that ended up in the shop more than on the road, and the tradeoff of a cheaper buying price was offset by repair bills.
  10. They Saw an Advertisement in the Classified Ads. Savvy car shoppers know to research the listings found in the classified ads before they ever leave home to physically shop for the car they will purchase.  Often, dealerships will include their specials and promotions within the classified ads showing their best deals on new cars for sale.


If you or someone you know is planning on buying a new car, regardless of whether it’s going to be a brand new model or perhaps someone else’s used car that will be new to you,  your best search effort will come from regular dedicated checking of the classified ads, where the cars for sale are always being updated, and you’ll find them to be priced to sell.