Which Occupations Require Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage?

If your job requires hitting the road and traveling a majority of your day, you will need to have auto insurance. Anyone who is self-employed is responsible for their auto insurance coverage, but which type of policy is needed? Here are several occupations requiring commercial auto insurance for work vehicles.

Truckers and Bus Drivers

Truckers and bus drivers are required to have commercial auto insurance. Employers usually cover this expense for employees using fleet vehicles. If you are a self-employed truck driver, you are responsible for purchasing and maintaining your commercial truck insurance in Peoria AZ. Most bus drivers are company employees so they typically don’t pay for coverage.

Snow Removal

If you are a self-employed plow operator for a snow removal business, you will need commercial auto insurance. Because of the increased risk of damage due to road hazards, plow operators should ensure they have enough liability and collision coverage.

Food Delivery Drivers

Restaurants employing delivery drivers often pay for insurance coverage even if their delivery workers use their own car. If you are seeking this type of employment, you need to check with the company to find out if they provide coverage for free or if they require drivers to purchase their own commercial policy.

Rideshare Drivers

Uber and Lyft, popular rideshare companies, offer some type of commercial auto insurance for their drivers. Because personal auto policies do not cover rideshare drivers, insurance providers developed special programs for customers that include both personal and commercial policies.

Tradesmen and Landscapers

Transporting equipment and supplies for landscaping and building trades requires commercial auto insurance. Employees should check if their company will pay for coverage.

Before you sign any contracts for jobs requiring vehicle use, insurance agents recommend talking to employers about auto insurance. If you need additional coverage, search for carriers providing commercial policies for individuals. Having your employer’s coverage and a personal policy should fulfill all of your legal and protective commercial insurance requirements.