Where to Repair Your Car

After winter’s brutal assault on your vehicle, it is time to give it some spring cleaning. This is a prime time to get auto repair Crystal Lake IL maintenance. Preparing for the upcoming seasons now will ensure your vacation plans and special events are not interrupted.

From the first wash-n-wax to remove grit and road salt to seeing your trusted mechanic, here are a few tips to keep you on the road.

Get an Alignment and Suspension Inspection

Winter weather can keep you indoors and be extremely harsh on roads. The results can have an even harsher effect on your car. Damage to the alignment and suspension is almost inevitable when you drive over potholes.

If you frequently drove over rocks and potholes, it could ruin the alignment and damage components that affects the way the suspension functions. A sure sign that there is a problem is if your car pulls to one side. Additionally, a vibrating steering wheel is another indication that you need to have a mechanic repair the issue.

Now is also a good time to check all fluids. This includes brake fluid, steering, windshield washing fluid and transmission. Compare the cost of paying $4,000 for a rebuilt transmission or to have it repaired to the cost of a bottle of fluid.

Even if your last oil change was right before winter, it is time to get another one.

Get Tires Rotated and Check Air Pressure

The last thing you need is to have a bad spare when you get a flat tire. Have all four tires and the spare checked. Your tires will greatly affect the handling, traction, ride and most importantly, the safety of your drive.

In addition to getting the tires checked after winter ends, you should make it a habit of getting a rotation at least every 5,000 miles. This will keep tread wear even. Again, the cost of new tires exceeds what you will pay in time and money to have them inspected before a problem occurs.

Have Brakes Inspected

Brakes are another critical component to your ability to drive safely. Have your mechanic check pads and rotors to avoid costly repairs or hazardous driving.

Winter continues to wind down across the country. Not only have the seasons changed, but you have a different car care strategy. Correct all issues that can interrupt your plans
with a breakdown. Now is the perfect time to see your auto mechanic for spring care maintenance.