What to Look for in a Driving School in St. George

Learning how to drive is a rite of passage for any young person in Australia. Yet as much of a rite as it is, it’s also a great responsibility that teenagers need to take seriously. Part of understanding the responsibility of driving is attending the right driving school in St. George. But what does that even mean? When looking for a school to teach your teen how to drive, what should you look for? These tips should help you get closer to your ideal driving school in St. George.


  1. Teaching your teen to become a complete driver. Many driving schools teach the basics – just enough to help your teen pass his or her driving test. That’s okay, but it’s not great. And when it comes to controlling a heavy piece of machinery that – with one false turn – can change lives forever, the basics simply won’t do. Find a driving school that teaches your teen to become a complete driver. What this means is more than just the rules within a book. It means teaching your teen how to adapt to real life emergencies. It means teaching your teen the dangers of distracted driving. It means helping them to become more compassionate and empathetic to other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians on the road.
  2. Fun and stress-free. As excited as your teen is to learn how to drive, he or she is also pretty nervous (although they may not admit it). His or her experience when learning to drive will carry with them throughout their lives. That’s why it’s so important that your driving school practice fun and stress-free teaching methods. A confident and comfortable driver is a safe driver.
  3. Eco-friendly cars. Being able to integrate important lessons into your teen’s life is always important. That’s why it’s preferred if you can find driving schools in St. George that conduct their lessons with eco-friendly cars. That way your teen will get his or her driving lesson, as well as a lesson on the importance of saving the earth. Once your teen realizes that even an eco-friendly car can get him or her from point A to point B, they’ll be more likely to invest in that kind of car later in life.


As a parent, you’re likely even more nervous about your teen learning to drive than they are. It’s important to find a school that helps you put at ease about this rite of passage. That’s why so many parents in St. George turn to Formula Driving School to teach their kids how to drive. Learn what they have to offer by visiting http://driveformula.com.au/.