What to choose Z35 or Tiguan

The choice of a good car is very complicated thing. It is necessary to take into account many details, such as: engine power, design, fuel economy, comfort of seats. It is necessary to look at the hundreds of data and to compare them all. Taking all things into consideration, we should make the final decision. In this article I will briefly describe two interesting cars. First car is powerful 2016 Nissan Z35 . It is a very attractive roadster car. This model follows the present trend to reduce weight of cars by introducing new alloys. Another important thing is a powerful engine that allows to driver the development of power of more than 400hp. So, driving this car is a great pleasure. As before, the Z35 does not have a large space within the cabin. However, since it is a two-seater, there will be enough room for larger passengers. This car is equipped with an array of new features, starting with Bluetooth connectivity, to the latest security features. This car is ideal for people who like sports cars. In addition, Nissan will buy young males who like the feeling of power and speed.

Another model that I want to commend is the new VW Tiguan . This car is particularly suited to family persons. It is a comfortable performance car. The engine of this car is weaker compared to the Z35, but still powerful. It is equipped with a 2-liter petrol engine. Still it is not clear how much power it will develop, but it will be at least 180 hp. a very important feature of this model is the large ground clearance, which is especially beneficial in the areas where the roads are in worse condition. As well as the earlier models, the new Tiguan will have 5 comfortable seats. In better trim levels, seats and steering wheel will have leather upholstery. It is expected that Tiguan will have a large touch screen in the middle of the table, as well as reducing the number of commands. The price of this model will be less than $ 25,000. Therefore, it is a favorable model than Nissan Z35. This model will be an excellent choice for people who daily travel long distances, as well as family men and women.
In addition to the 2 listed models, there are hundreds of equally attractive models on the market. If we provide even a little assistance to help in choosing your new car, we will be very happy.