What Is a Fuel Air Separation System?

Heavy-duty diesel systems are complex and require all different parts and pieces that many may not think of, like diesel fuel inline sight glass, or other similar parts. One important aspect of a diesel system that is often overlooked is a fuel air separation system. 

Learn more about these systems and their benefits below. 

What Is a Fuel Air Separation System?

Fuel air separation systems are devices that combine a fuel filtration system and a diesel fuel lift pump. These devices prevent air, dirt, water, and other contaminants from getting into your truck’s fuel system and compromising its power and performance. Diesel bug is a common contamination of diesel fuel from bacteria and fungi, and it can wreak all kinds of havoc on your vehicles. 

Many of these systems use a complex network of filters and vacuums to completely purify your diesel fuel and improve your truck’s engine performance nearly instantly. 

What Are the Benefits of Fuel Air Separation Systems?

Fuel air separation systems enhance your diesel truck’s engine performance, and they can give your truck better fuel mileage. Plus, they have the capability of increasing the life of your truck’s diesel injection system by preventing major damage that can be caused by oxygen bubbles infiltrating your diesel fueling system. 

Are Fuel Air Separation Systems Worth the Investment?

Investing in a fuel air separation system may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but many people find that these pieces of equipment are a helpful investment.

Diesel fuel is already expensive to purchase and use, but these devices help ensure that diesel fuel maintains its purity and integrity. Plus, air separation systems can actually save you money in the long run by preventing maintenance headaches and broken part nightmares. 

Trucks are meant to be dependable and long-lasting, and fuel air separation systems can help get the job done more efficiently than ever.