Vin tag replacement

Save for Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tags, drivers normally don’t consider automobile labels as an important part of maintenance. However, without proper labels, a driver doesn’t know the past history of the vehicle, comprehend the paint and trim colors should an accident take place, or how to properly inflate the tires. In the end, the lack of these labels can cause you to run into problems after purchase and a car dealership to falter due to lack of confidence in their legality.

So, in addition to VIN tag replacement, the replacement of all other pertinent labels is a priority, especially with pre-owned vehicles. Once again, the Internet comes to the rescue on this as there are many outlets, like, which help get the required labels. All you as the new vehicle owner need to do is request the dealership to do research and put down some cash.

The VIN label is the most important. If there isn’t one on the vehicle, or it seems damaged, the dealership needs to replace this as quickly as possible. The same goes for the anti-theft label if a system is enabled in the vehicle. Emission control and tire loading are the second most important. The emission label allows those at inspection stations and repair shops to review information on an older vehicle’s output without charging extra for research. The tire loading label is required so drivers don’t under- or over-inflate their tires. Both of these situations can lead a shortened life for tires and brakes as well as damage to the suspension system.

The paint and trim label extremely important for vehicles of older model years, especially classics. This label provides the necessary colors needed to restore the vehicle to its original color or help in repairing minor scratches.

What to do if the dealership isn’t interested in ordering these labels? Best thing is to leave without making a purchase and find a dealer which will help you on these matters. And if the previous dealership had a number of cars without VIN or other labels, a call to the Better Business Bureau or even law enforcement may be needed as the vehicles sold may not be on the up and up.