Vacuum Coating

Take a look at your vehicle’s headlights, your glassware and mirrors, and your solar panels. Also look at your mobile device, particularly its coating. Notice the smoothness of the finish on all of these items, their clarity. This is not done thanks to hours of hand-polishing by individuals. Most of the time, the surfaces of the result of vacuum coating equipment that covers the products minus harmful compounds. And, this is done on millions of products each day.

Companies like Vergason Technology are one of the many which handle this type of production. The concept of vacuum coating uses a concept called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). With PVD, the materials to be used are vaporized from a source, call it the target, and then transported through a vacuum to be deposited on the part. You could consider it a precursor of “Star Trek” transporters, minus billions of atoms being transported across hundreds of miles.

The result of PVD is a metal coating that is used not simply for the decorative finishes mentioned above but for medical electronics, military hardware, avionic, and mobile devices. The PVD process is also used to create Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding for many products. The advantages to vacuum coating are a durability which doesn’t require a clear protective top-coat but still maintains a shining chrome finish.

Should you be interested in this manufacturing process, you need to consider some items. First, check the length of time a company has been around. While a new company may have the latest technology and equipment, they may not have the accumulated knowledge of older companies which allowed them to learn from their mistakes.

Second, see what other customers of the company have said. If a vacuum coating company isn’t willing to provide information on their current clients, then it’s best not to go with them. You want to work with a team which is proud of their services and the clients who they support.

Third, always get a quote. Actually, get a number of quotes. Don’t go with the company that has the newest equipment — they may not know how to use it properly. Look at the prices and the reviews to get a clear sense of which organization you wish to work with.