Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner has received some of the best marks for a do-it-all SUV. It’s got high marks in safety, interior and performance for an overall above average score for a midsize SUV. At under $30,000, it’s also one of the cheaper SUVs on the market. The 2013 Toyota 4Runner provided for better off-road capabilities, easy-to-use interior controls, high tech features and a powerful V6 engine. With a fuel economy of about 22 mpg, it’s better than some of its other midsize SUV counterparts. You can also tow some heavy loads in this vehicle as well as provide room for all of your passengers and cargo inside. For a base model, there are a ton of features included such as the Bluetooth, eight-speaker stereo, USB ports and auxiliary input jacks as well as heated power leather seats and infotainment for the upgraded 4Runner.

The all new Toyota 4Runner SUV inventory has received a lot of praise for also being an economical buy. It’s a better cost comparison than many other competitors in the same market. With ToyotaCare, drivers receive free two-year maintenance on the vehicle, but it also has high fuel economy for SUV, better depreciation value, better financing options and a low repair cost. While there are a few midsize SUVs that come close to the same luxury, they ultimately don’t have the same low sticker price as the Toyota 4Runner.