Tips for Selling Your Car

Selling your car can be an intimidating or overwhelming process. Avoid an unfair trade through the dealer and remove the stress of selling your car with some simple tips and proper preparation.

Before Selling

Organization will be the key to a smooth selling process. First you will want to gather all of your paperwork concerning your vehicle. Gathering your paperwork first will help assure your potential buyers and leave you best prepared for any questions ahead. Typically this paperwork will include your car’s title, a vehicle history report and some potential arrangements with a lienholder if you owe money on your vehicle. Find out about any state specific selling requirements and what to do with your plates, all of which can be accessed online with the DMV. When deciding on the price you want to sell your car, keep in mind you will want to leave some room for negotiation. Consider asking auto appraisers for a professional opinion. The car’s worth alone might not be the only factor that goes into the asking price.

Ready To Sell

When you are ready to announce your car is for sale and post an advertisement, ensure you’ve already prepped and groomed your car for potential buyers to view. A dirty car will show in pictures and even worse in person. You don’t have to go through any extensive repairs, but take the time to thoroughly wash and clean up the car inside and out. Your potential buyer will be paying attention to the little details, and presenting a clean car will only increase your chances of getting the price you ask for. Post your advertisement with confidence and try to make your listing stand out from others. A well taken photo with some additional views of the current dashboard can go a long way. Make sure to screen potential buyers before setting up a test drive in person.

Close your deal with confidence and avoid any stress that comes along with selling your car by implementing these preparation tips.