Tips for Avoiding Accidents During Inclement Weather

The best tip for avoiding accidents during bad weather is not to drive in it – but if it were that easy, there wouldn’t be any weather-related vehicular accidents. You’ve got work and school to get to and other commitments. Perhaps you’re already out and you just want to get home. Whatever puts you behind the wheel during a bad rain or wind storm or ice and snow, be careful if you want to avoid accidents.

Pay Attention

It’s more important than ever that you’re not distracted when driving during bad weather. Find a lawyer who specializes in auto accidents and other legal auto issues for advice on how to avoid becoming another statistic. Turn your phone off – your calls can wait and you don’t even want a ring to distract you. Don’t multi-task. Ask passengers to be quiet. Focus on the road.

Make Sure Your Car Is in Good Condition

Get your car looked at on a regular basis, especially before winter if you live in an area where snow and ice are problems. The better shape your tires are in, the faster you’ll be able to break even when the roads are slippery. Keep your gas and oil levels high when the temperature drops to avoid anything freezing up. Make sure your windshield wipers work without leaving streaks that can impede your vision.

Drive Slow

Driver slower than the speed limit calls for when the weather is really bad, as high speed can make it more difficult for you to stop in time for something unexpected or even a traffic light or stop sign. (A light rain shouldn’t make much of a difference to your speed, unless the temperature is close to freezing and the roads might be icy or it’s foggy and your vision is impaired.) Even if someone gets on your tail and wants you to go faster, don’t feel pressured to increase your speed unless you think you’re in danger of being rear-ended. (Even if you do get rear-ended, though, that other driver will likely be found at fault given the weather conditions.) They’ll likely pass you at the first opportunity and you’ll be free to continue driving at your own pace.

Even if you’re as careful as possible, you still have to be cautious about other drivers on the road who may still be driving too fast for conditions or may be inattentive. Driving during bad weather should always be avoided if possible, but if not possible, do what you can to make it safely to your destination. If the worst occurs and an accident happens, make sure to call the right lawyer fast.