Three Ways to get the Right Used Car

For some, the choice of buying a used car over a new one is simple. They would rather choose a pre-owned vehicle over the shiny new model. First, it’s less expensive. Second, it doesn’t lose all its value once it leaves the lot or seller’s yard.

Buyer beware

When you purchase a used vehicle from a certified dealer, there’s a layer of protection put on it. Most likely, they have a checklist its technicians go over to ensure everything is okay before putting it up for sale.

However, some used car lots and private sellers don’t provide this information. In fact, they’re so determined to sell you the car they’ll promise everything. When you pull away, those promises quickly evaporate like the oil in your leaking hose.

Common sense purchasing

What’s needed in cases where you go outside a certified dealer is to use common sense.
Paperwork is important. In fact, the more there is the surer you can be in your purchase. With this in mind, here are three ways to get the right used car.

Bring a dose of skepticism

If the seller wants to get rid of their vehicle for far less than Kelly’s Blue Book details, then two things might be in play. Either it was driven by their grandma to only get to church or something is wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask for the reason.

Ask for documentation

No matter how long they’ve had the vehicle, they should have paperwork on registrations and repairs they did as well as information from the previous owner. If not, ask if you can take the car to a shop for examination.

Request a CARFAX

CARFAX gives you all the information you need on the vehicle. It includes title searches, odometer readings, and accident reports. It also has data on accident repairs by companies like Jewell Collision. This comprehensive look helps you make the decision to buy the car or say “Bye” to the owner.

What looks fantastic on a website or Craigslist can quickly turn into a disaster if not diligent. So, follow this advice to get the car of your dreams … at least right now. Learn more about
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