Three Motorcycles That Will Change Your Idea of Cruising

In transportation, there are different methods from getting to Point A to Point B. Using a car for the trip is reasonable, but for an adventure that has few rivals, a trip on a motorcycle is tough to top. For those who prefer the predictable or mundane, a car fits the bill, but for those who seek out the road less taken, here are three motorcycles that are anything but mundane or ordinary.

1.The 2010 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883cc – For over a century, Harley Davidson has continued to separate itself from the pack when it comes to high-performance rides. The Sportster 883cc not only contains all of the features H-D is synonymous with, it also offers unmatched excitement and adventure.

2.The 2013 Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc – This British import is impossible to ignore, and with the Triumph 1050cc, it’s impossible to avoid an experience unlike any other. That alone is reason enough to seek out this iconic ride, but when incomparable handling, cutting-edge braking, and a comfortably smooth ride is also included, it’s a no-brainer.

3.The 2013 Ducati Monster 659cc (L.A.M.S.) – Motorcyclists come in all shapes, sizes and skill levels, with some grasping the concept effortlessly, while others require more seasoning. The Ducati 659cc is practically tailor-made for newer riders, its comfortable and secure upright feel giving them confidence, but with enough of that “thrill factor” that all riders crave.

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