The Unconventional Ways to Use a Trailer Hitch You Need to Know Now

So you think you know all there is to know about trailer hitch installation Maryland. Have you actually used a trailer hitch for more than towing a trailer? As you are about to discover, the lowly hitch can provide conveniences you never imagined. You won’t be able to believe the tremendous multi-use investment you made.

Hammock Stand

Have you ever tried to find a spot to hang a hammock? It can be surprisingly frustrating to find the perfect sized trees spaced just the right distance apart to accommodate your nap sling. Simply attach a hammock stand to your trailer hitch, and you have a portable hammock stand whenever and wherever you need it when the relaxation urge strikes.

Bumper Reinforcement

When you aren’t towing, how can you make use of your hitch? Well, you put a heavy-duty bumper guard on it. A super bumper protects your vehicle’s bumper against parking lot accidents and rear-end collisions.

Barbecue Grills

Did you know that there are hitch-mounted grills that you can take with you on your camping trip? No matter how far out you go, you can have a delicious grilled dinner. Just think of how good those fresh-caught fish will taste after a long day of catching them.

Cargo Carriers

No more room inside the vehicle to carry one more thing? Too many passengers with nowhere to put luggage? That’s not a problem with cargo carriers. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate almost any type of load and attach easily to your existing hitch.

Bike Rack

Explore trails or country roads anywhere when you can load your bikes up and go. Get the attachment made to turn your hitch into a multi-tasking super-tool. Carry from one to five different bikes according to the rack size.

Make your hitch work for you whether you are towing or not. Look at all the innovative ways to use it and have even more fun on trips.