The surge of car buying services

A guest post by The Used Car Guy

Everybody knows about the surge of car buying services. Some of the
well known ones include We Buy Any Car and The Car Buying Service.

These types of services will buy my car within 24 hours guaranteed but the price I get will be dramatically below its
true market value. This is the price you pay for a quick sale.

Having worked in the motor industry for 25 years I have to say that these services should only be accessed if you are in serious need of money fast. Otherwise it makes no sense to sell a car for 50/60% of its real value.

Be warned though as the price you’re quoted online is not necessarily the price you will get once you drive your car over to one of their depots for inspection. The car buyers are trained to find faults, blemished and discrepancies that give leverage to offer you less than your online quote.

Yet with even more money reduced off of the selling price most private car owners will still go ahead and sell their vehicle. This is usually due to a desperate need for money.

So if you do plan to sell up using a car buying service be warned that you’re going to pay a hefty price.