The Secrets Are Out: How to Make Auto Insurance Work for You

Auto insurance shopping for the best rates can be tiresome, at best. How do you make sure you are asking the right questions and getting the best quotes?

It’s easy! Ask these Saver Tip Questions, and you will be quite pleased with the results when shopping for auto insurance.

Saver Tip #1: Which Insurance is Required? Liability insurance is required. Liability insurance protects you only when you injure someone else though. Comprehensive collision insurance protects you when an uninsured motorist hits you, or if you are involved in hit and run. Liability insurance may only be cost effective when insuring an old car.

Saver Tip #2: Should I Raise my Deductible? Yes, you can raise your deductible for a lower premium, but in the long run you’ll have to be paying for minor repairs. The savings might not be what they seem in the beginning.

Saver Tip #3: Will Teen Drivers Drive up my Premiums? No, teens will not drive up your premiums. Encourage your teen driver to take a defensive driving course or some other specialized instruction class. This can drop their premiums. Also, ask for two quotes. One with your teen added to your policy and the second with your teen on their own policy. Teens can also qualify for a low mileage discount because they may just be driving to school and back, for example. Premiums also will decrease when your teen turns 18 not 25.

Saver Tip #4: What if I Have a Bad Driving Record? Do not despair, life doesn’t always happen as we planned it. Take a traffic course to try and lower the points on your record. Plus, a defensive driving course goes a long way with insurance providers in general.

Saver Tip #5: Can I Buy a New Car? When buying a new car be sure to select a low-profile car with a high safety rating. Avoid cars with the name sport in them. Keep in mind, sports cars also cost more to insure because they are a higher theft risk.

Saver Tip #6: Do Parts and Upgrades Really Matter? Make sure your insurance repair uses manufacturer’s parts when repairing your vehicle. Manufacturer parts helps with the longevity of your car. Also, be mindful of upgrades you add to your car. Often times, insurance companies will only replace the standard value of the car, not the upgrades.

Saver Tip #7: Who Cares Who Drives the Car? Register your spouse as a co-driver. Typically, insurance companies view married drivers as more cautious and not prone to impulsivity behind the wheel. Register only one driver per car can be beneficial as well.

Saver Tip #8: How Do I Cancel my Policy? Make sure you have your canceled policy in writing. This protects you from showing any gaps in your coverage or a policy being terminated for non-payment. If you have your canceled policy in writing then you have proof you have always paid and have always been insured. Bonus!

Saver Tip #9: Why Would I Take Public Transportation? Taking public transit can put you in the running for a commuter rebate. Also, if you can show that you drive under 7,5000 miles annually, additional discounts may be available to you.

Saver Tip #10: Do I Have to Pay Monthly? No, you can pay for your insurance coverage for the year all at once or even quarterly. Typically this saves you several dollars a month which can add up to noticeable savings. Also, ask to go paperless. Every saved dollar counts.

Saver Tip #11: Does Where I Live Matter? Yes. Where you live can affect your premium rates, up or down.

Saver Tip #12: What Upgrades to My Car Lower My Premiums? If you install a car alarm, a tracker, or immobilizer this will reduce the chances of your car being stolen or even better makes it recoverable. Let your insurance agent know when you install one of these anti-theft devices. You’ll appreciate the reward in your lower premiums.

Saver Tip #13: Every Year? Yes, every year you need to go auto insurance shopping. Make sure that you have the best coverage necessary for your changing family. Ask for any money saving opportunities. Maybe they will add on non-accident damage coverage, for instance, in the case of a fire or flood.

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