The Perfect Guide for Choosing a Personalised Number Plate

Whether you are purchasing a personal registration plate for yourself or you are purchasing it for someone as a gift, you have a number of things to consider. A personalised number plate can transform any vehicle, but it can prove to be a challenge to find that perfect plate. With so many combinations available and a whole range of possibilities, you might need a helping hand. Therefore, our guide has been designed to help you get it right and find a personalised registration plate that works.

Use Numbers as Letters

Due to the way in which personalised number plates have to be created, you need to make sure you have the right combination of phonetics and fillers. Therefore, you can choose to use letters to represent numbers and numbers to represent letters. What this means is that you can spell out words or names using a combination of both. An example of this would be using an 8 as a B or you can use a 1 as an i.

Smallest Number Plates
It may be wise to purchase a personalised number plate with as little characters as possible as JDM Plates offers the smallest legal motorcycle number plates and the less characters the registration number containts – the smaller the plate can be and be road legal!

What if You Want a Name?

Many people want to have a name on their personalised plate and fortunately, some names will work due to how they are written but other names can be shortened.  As a result, you can opt to have certain letters and numbers at the beginning of the plate and then leave a gap before finishing off the name with more letters and numbers. As an example, if you are looking for the name Carol, you could opt for C4R 0L.

You Might Want a Fun Plate

A personalised number plate gives you the chance to get creative and have fun at the same time. As a result, some might opt to have a word such as B16 which spells big before their initials or they might opt to use LAD. What’s more, you could get personal and spell MUM or DAD. It is possible to get creative, particularly if you are purchasing a plate for someone else.

You Can Personalise Even More

While adding initials will give you a plate that is personalised, you could go further and add in a date, a year or an age. So, if you are looking for a plate for a 60th birthday then you could add 60 to the plate followed by the initials or you could add in a year of birth. There are many combinations that you can opt for, giving you the chance of creating a personalised plate with a difference.

Choose a Special Date

One other option you have is to choose other special dates that mean something to you. This can include a wedding date or the date of birth of your child. Everyone has a date that means something to them and this can make it possible to create a unique plate that is particularly personal to you.


Finally, you could opt to have a personalised plate made for your job or your business. If you can incorporate the name of your business or work into a plate, it is a great way of ensuring you promote what you do by having a personalised plate on your work vehicles.