The Difference with instaVIN

Buying a used car is an appealing option because it is typically less risky and expensive. However, what happens when you purchase a used car that needs serious repairs you can’t afford to pay for? Hopefully you’ve never found yourself in a situation such as this.

There are thousands of people out there who get robbed of their money when they purchase a used car from an unscrupulous seller. By not performing the proper research on a used car ahead of time, you could put yourself in a very difficult, expensive, and stressful situation.

If you want to put your best foot forward when purchasing a used vehicle, you may wish to invest in is an instaVIN report and in a VIN check. Their vehicle history reports offer real-time details on vehicle incidents such as theft, accidents, flooding, and more!

What makes an instaVIN report better than the rest?

  1. With instaVIN, you get higher quality information from more reliable sources
  2. instaVIN reports are a much less expensive than other competitors – the most you’ll pay per report is $6.99!
  3. In each report you get access to:
    1. Impound & towing events
    2. US Gov’t Title & Salvage history through NMVTIS with 61 Brand Titles checked & verified
    3. Historical listing records from select vehicle listing sites
    4. Access to over 40 million Junk, Salvage & Insurance Total Loss Records
    5. Open Lien/Loan information including issuing financial institution
    6. Active Theft data
    7. and much more!

instaVIN strives to help protect you from car fraud as well as purchasing a broken and hazardous vehicle. If you want more information on how an instaVIN report can protect you from any financial stress, call 858.454.6782 for immediate assistance today!