Taking Premium Care of Your Luxury Car

Purchasing a luxury car comes with a new set of rules that are starkly different than everyday vehicles. You will put some money into the car even after it’s purchased outright. Make that car feel like it’s brand new once again by paying close attention to these care tips. Major breakdowns are easily avoided with these habits in place.

Keep Up With Oil Changes

Today’s luxury cars don’t need frequent oil changes, but they can’t be overlooked either. Be ready to pay for synthetic or specialized oil to keep the engine purring. This oil smoothly covers those hot, engine parts. High-end cars have the performance that you want, and the engine components must have the proper lubrication to continue with those features. Oil changes include new fluids, filter and basic evaluations around the engine block.

Wipe it Down With Care

Avoid those automatic car washes that can scratch your car’s finish. Use microfiber cloths in a hand-wash situation. Taking care of the paint reduces wear over time. You want the car’s value to remain as high as possible. The exterior finish is part of that value. Continue to care for the car by wiping down the interior surfaces. Plastic or leather dashboards require varying degrees of cleaning products. Read every label before applying any products to your luxury car.

Rotate Those Tires

Luxury cars tend to have wheels with narrow tires. The rubber declines very quickly on those tires so rotate them for the longest lifespan. You or a professional can rotate the wheels every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The wear becomes uniform across all four tires, which gives them a safe life until replacement is necessary.

Fix Up Items Under Warranty

When you purchase a luxury car, it comes with a warranty period. Pay attention to the inclusions within the warranty. Take advantage of any complementary services during this period because you’ll be required to pay for them after the warranty expires. Ideally, request almost every perk from the warranty, such as tightening the seatbelt mechanisms. The car’s features last longer with this preventive maintenance.

Find a mechanic who you trust early on in the car’s lifespan. An independent worker or dealer, such as BMW Alpharetta GA, can become your partner during the decade or longer time span that the car can potentially gain from good service. Prioritize maintenance, and you’ll save money.