Signs Your Vehicle Needs Engine Repairs

Do you rely on your vehicle to get you to and from work or school every day? Do you need it to take your kids where they need to go and to participate in fun activities?  

If so, you probably don’t have time for a breakdown. Unfortunately, these can occur at any time, especially if you don’t invest in regular maintenance. Keep reading to learn the top signs you need professional car repair Edmonds WA.

Excess Exhaust Smoke

Every car produces some exhaust. However, if you notice excessive exhaust, it means your engine may be in trouble. Based on the color of the smoke, you may be able to diagnose the issue at hand.

For example, if the smoke is blue, it means oil is burning. If it is white, it’s a sign of burning coolant. Black smoke means that excessive gas is being used.

Check Engine Light

It’s best to get to the repair shop right away if you see the check engine light come on. The sooner you have a problem diagnosed, the less likely it will turn into a bigger problem.

Rough Idling

Does your car seem to sputter while you are driving or at an idle? If so, there’s likely engine trouble to blame.

The good news is this may mean a simple fix. For example, you may need to replace a sensor or install new spark plugs.


If your vehicle suddenly dies while you are driving or while you are idling, it’s best to get to the mechanic right away. This is a serious issue and one that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you do not notice any of the issues above, it is good to get to the mechanic right away. The longer you wait for service, the more issues that you may face. Being informed will help ensure you get service when it is needed.