Save More Money

Florida independent insurance agents work with more than one insurance company to offer a variety of product options to their customers. The benefit to you is these agents are not obligated to show brand loyalty to one policy over another. Their motivation is to sell the insurance product that works best for you and your family.

Here are four other advantages to consider when deciding to work with these types of agents.

1. Access to More Coverage Choices

The biggest advantage to working with independent agents is that you have access to more than one policy choice. By working with one agent who represents one company, your coverage options are limited.

Independence means agents can show you several different options. This helps to ensure that you will find a policy you like, not simply one that the agent earns the highest commission for selling.

2. Save More Money

You will find that another advantage to using an agent who works independently is the ability to save money. Different polices often come with different prices. An agent is not focused on one particular brand over another.

Instead, he or she helps you find the best deal, which is often cheaper. The agent sells the policy and you save money on monthly premiums without compromising the coverage that you really need.

3. Receive Unbiased Advice

By working with an independent agent, you receive unbiased advice based on your insurance needs. Of course, one company wants you to believe they are your best and only option. The reality is that it probably would not be your top three choices once you see what other insurers have to offer.

Independent agents have industry knowledge from working with companies and customers for a period of time. They will help you narrow the options that exist in the marketplace.

4. Get Insider Help with Claims

Industry knowledge also works to your advantage if you ever file a claim. Even when working with your carrier, an associate might have more motivation to work in the best interest of the insurance company. Independent agents are not restricted by protocols in one company and can help you with the claims process.

The insurance industry can be very complicated for outsiders. All the technical jargon and legal rules can confuse even the smartest person on earth. Having someone who understands the process, as well as knows the latest industry news, can help you make decisions that work for you.