Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Being a truck driver has plenty of perks. The competitive pay and the ability to work out in the open are just two. But when you work with owner-operator companies like Landstar, you’ve got even more, including freedom to make your own schedule and choose your hauls. But while you’re trying to run a successful business, you also need to make sure you’re taking care while out on the road.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when driving your truck for a living.

  1. Follow the Three-Point Rule – It’s never safe to immediately jump out of your cab without triple checking where you’ll be landing. After being behind the wheel for many straight hours, your senses can often be compromised, which means you could actually be jumping a lot farther down than you initially may think. Your body simply may not be ready for the landing. When getting in and out of your truck, always keep three points of contact— two feet and one hand, or one foot and both hands — in contact with your vehicle.
  1. Be Cautious of Fatigue – One of the biggest and most dangerous obstacles that truck drivers’ face is fatigue. Staying alert on the road at all times is critical to safety. If you feel that you are getting tired, it’s time to pull over to rest up and rejuvenate. Being able to recognize your fatigue and admitting that it’s time to rest is something you should always be serious about when driving for long hours.
  1. Get Some Movement In – Remaining seated in your driver’s seat all day long isn’t exactly good for you. Not only can it get uncomfortable, it is also bad for your cardiovascular health. You need blood to flow properly, and the only way to do that is to move about. Pull over every so often and take a brisk five-minute walk to get the blood flowing.