Rev Up Singapore Gets Fans Set for the Race

The Singapore GP Formula 1 race should be an event worth seeing because it is a night race and it is one a street track. This is a big event for Singapore and so as the excitement builds around the race, there are activities that are designed to give fans of all ages a taste of the race and to get them even more excited for the event. Building the excitement is only one aspect of the Rev Up activities, though. There are educational events to do for children and adults.

This year the Singapore GP will have the band Mayday play for the Friday night festivities. It should be a great way to kick off the weekend and the announcement is already creating a buzz among Mayday fans and race goers alike.

On Thursday night fans can walk through the pit and see the team garages. This can give the fans an up close look at the tools, toys and gear that is needed to keep the Formula 1 racers in tip top shape. You may even get a glimpse of your favorite driver or car while doing the walk through. Sometimes a car is on display for people to be able to get into and take pictures with their friends and family.

There are lots of activities that lead up to the race. The drivers do school visits to educate students on the cars and the physics of racing in general. These talks are not just assemblies that students gather and listen to information, there are hands on stations that are at the school where students can get into a driving simulator and can experience the Formula 1 race in a hands on and interesting way. Even try and put together a Formula 1 race car in one exhibit.

Also, educational talks are usually scheduled around the community before the race weekend arrives. These community talks can be by the drivers and others involved with racing. In 2013, a well known motorsports blogger, Cheryl Tay, got quite a few gathered in the audience to hear her speak.

Around Singapore there are places for photographs with life-sized photographs of the drivers and cars. People can visit the displays and take some great photos with a favorite driver or maybe a dream car from the Singapore GP.

As the Singapore GP gets closer events for Rev Up Singapore get underway. A carnival with lot of fun and games including a go kart race track that people can challenge each other on can be found.
Relay races like pushing a tire around a course can also keep the youngest race faces engaged as the race approaches.

Even though the Singapore GP is really a Formula 1 race, there is so much to do for families with the Rev Up activities that the race actually ends up being only one event in a giant celebration that non-race fans can also enjoy almost as much as race fans.