Reinvent Your SUV with New Jeep Wrangler Exterior Lights

While the popularity of SUVs changes from year to year, one thing is for certain–the Jeep Wrangler JK will continue to be on the list of best-selling SUVs for every model year. While Jeep does an excellent job of changing the style of their signature SUV to keep up with trends, the classic appeal of a Jeep is always retained.

If you own a Jeep, you know how well the car performs off road and on the highway, but you also know that there is one big drawback to owning one: there are so many on the road. While there is something to be said for being the proud owner of a popular SUV, you may not want your Jeep to be just like all the others on the highway.


Fortunately, it is possible to make mods to your Jeep without losing its timeless appeal; one of the best ways to do this is with off road lights from Oracle Lighting. The maker of automotive lights offers a number of auto lighting accessories and replacement lights for the Wrangler JK, including:

  • Halo Headlights. What could be cooler than a glowing light around the outside of your headlights? Halo lights let you get that supercar look in an The Halo headlights for the Wrangler can be connected to the parking lights, turn signals, or DLRs, and are offered in three different types to suit every budget and taste. For something really different, you can choose the ColorSHIFT halo headlights, which can glow in virtually any color that you can imagine.
  • Off Road Mirrors. The custom mirrors from Oracle give you two big benefits, because each one is outfitted with one dozen bright CREE XPE 1-watt LED First, the Jeep Wrangler mirror lights add a distinctive look to the sides of a Jeep. Second, when you’re off roading, the lights enhance your peripheral vision, so you can better see the trail. The custom mirrors debuted at the 2013 SEMA Show.


  • Modular LED Spotlights. The LINKable Square LED Spot Light from Oracle is another custom auto lighting accessory, which enhances the style of a Jeep, while increasing safety when you’re off roading. These solid state off road lights are sold individually in a heavy-duty 2-inch housing that can be mounted virtually anywhere on the exterior of a Jeep. The LINKable technology lets you quickly connect a number of these modular lights together to create your own, completely one-of-a- kind custom auto lighting Each light provides 800 Lumens of illumination, so you can dramatically increase the light output of your vehicle with the lights while still conserving power.

The Jeep Wrangler exterior lights from Oracle Lighting are as simple to install as they are stylish. Investing in custom auto lights, like Jeep Wrangler LED taillights, or new halo lights is sure to make your Jeep stand out on the road and on the trail.