Paintless Dent Removal Is a Viable Car Repair Option

Does your car suffer from small or even large dents that were caused perhaps by hail damage or the errant ding from a fender bender? These and other types of dents can be repaired using paintless dent removal arlington tx. Compared to conventional body repair, paintless dent removal requires no repainting or body work because the original paint is left untouched. As a result of this innovative process, your car repair can cost less and take less time to complete. And unlike conventional body repair, your car won’t decrease in value because the original parts are kept intact.

Can the Damage to Your Car Be Fixed?

According to MSN, paintless dent removal is generally effective on newer vehicles starting in the 1990 model year, when high-tensile metal and resilient paint finishes began to be generally in use. For the process to be effective, the paint must not be cracked or chipped, the dent must not be near the edge of a panel, and the panel must not have had previous body repair. Nevertheless, even if the dent cannot be completely removed, the process can make the damage almost unapparent.

How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

Paintless dent removal works from inside the body of the car with specialized tools that are used to manipulate the metal back into place from underneath the dents. The paint is thus left undisturbed. Because the technique involves fewer steps and eliminates the need for paint and body filler, the cost of repair is generally much more affordable. Most repairs require from one to two hours.

Paintless dent removal techniques have evolved to become a viable alternative to conventional body repair. Where once only small dents could be treated, now much larger dents can be removed and your car returned to its original factory finish.