New Ford Mustang

As a mark of its 50th anniversary the Mustang brand is coming out with a new model car. The new 2015 Ford Mustang is a luxury coupe vehicle which sheds the old image of the previous Mustang vehicles quite nicely and ventures into the contemporary age with style. It has just enough performance and muscle under its belt to reach a sporty status and to dazzle the audiences around the world, but particularly in the US where this brand is particularly popular, with its great design and specs.
The iconic vehicle actually goes into its 6th generation and this one truly resembles what a modern Ford Mustang should look like. The vehicle is much more technical than before but also a lot safer, as the great performance needs to be back up with some stellar safety features. It is also plush and advanced bringing you’re the ultimate experience on the road as well.
This 2015 Ford Mustang review will give you all the necessities that you need to get to know this car. We will touch upon the price and also inform you about the release date of the vehicle and its trims. The provided pictures of the new 2015 Ford Mustang are an additional help which enables you to see the car in its true colors.

Car Exterior

Just by looking at the new 2015 Ford Mustang you immediately see that this is quite an exceptional vehicle. The exterior design is truly magnificent and offers perhaps one of the sportier and most handsome design of the year. The vehicle is exceptional from all angles and really knock you off your feet. The colors schemes are also something that you may think about as there is a variety that is available as well.
All the trademark Mustang cues were mashed into this car in order to make it what it is. The graceful canopy is placed on the muscular haunches of the vehicle Although some of the details may seem a bit soggy at first, for instance the tilted taillight panel and the hashmarks that hashtag the headlamps as well, But all in all the look is pretty good and goes quite nicely with the overall atmosphere and the feel of the vehicle.

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The interior of the 2015 Ford Mustang is actually inspired by an aviation look, or rather theme. The interior fits the outside of the car perfectly and includes some great upgrades in terms of technology, comfort and especially safety. The cabin is also roomier and the cockpit is driver orientated giving the edge to the person handling the car.

The clear instrumentation puts the entire instrument cluster in front of the driver and is neatly laid in front so as to enable the best and perfect driving experience. The ergonomics with the combination of tactile knobs and switches give better control and usage of its. The cabin is actually quite youthfully looking and is not just a mere and simple luxury coupe. It has got a solid layout and a much richer looking cabin which will appeal to most.

The enhanced safety features are topped off with the additional gadgets that the Mustang now has. To mention a few we now have the forward-collision warning system, an optional blind-spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, a rearview camera, a steering systems and a throttle and transmission system as well.


Perhaps the biggest news when it comes to different trims and styles of the new 2015 Mustang is that it is going to come out in the convertible form. Yes it is true and it is happening, the 2015 Ford Mustang will have a convertible version with a much quitter cabin and an upscale appearance.
The top also converts faster than before. Also there is the intensely stronger Ford Mustang GT available as well for those who want a bit more horsepower under their belt.


The look and the style of the new 2015 Ford Mustang are not the only things which are happening here as the Mustang has much more to offer. We are particularly talking about the thing which is under the hood of the vehicle.
The new turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 four-cylinder engine is matted there in order to deliver a maximum shift and a guaranteed impact on the performance of the vehicle. The Mustang GT has an even stronger setup actually with a V-8 and an additional performance pack resulting in an outstanding 435 horsepower. The GT also has included summer tires, a Torsen limited-slip rear end, extra body bracing and Brembo brakes.

Details About The Price

The price of the base model of the 2015 Ford Mustang is set according to the MSRP at a very reasonable $20,000, but people are complaining that you do not get a lot of features or accessories with this kind of package, so you will certainly have to pay a bit more to get some more fun features with the car.
The added Performance Pack adds more fun to the overall layout of the car and will cost you around $40,000. It is up to you what you expect from your Mustang to come equipped with. And for the release date, the fans will have to wait at least till the end of the year where this car is scheduled to come out with all of its additional trims as well.