INKAS® Armored Vehicles Are Customizable

At INKAS® armored vehicles for sale we understand that a vehicle’s armor requirements are going to vary from client to client. This is why we work closely alongside our customers to ensure that we deliver a vehicle that lives up to their individual needs and specifications. Our commercial and luxury armored vehicles have been used to protect VIPs, royalty, executives, families and government officials in different parts of the world.

Our armed vehicles offer the following benefits:

  • Self-protection armor against the blast of guns, anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines, mortars, and improvised explosive devices.
  • Road cruise speed that allows for quick and comfortable transport.
  • Seating areas that are ergonomically designed for comfortable travel in varied terrain and harsh environments.
  • Minimized engine noise level inside the vehicle and crew compartment.
  • Vehicles are fitted with a large bulletproof windscreen and side windows for all-round visibility.
  • Dashboards ergonomically arranged with easily readable and administered use.
  • Tire inflation and pressure adjustment control while on the move to suit the terrain type and to keep tires inflated with limited punctures.

INKAS® armored cars incorporate the latest armor composite technologies available. Every aspect of an armored car is tweaked and tuned to produce a strong and powerful car. Hand guns and heavy military assault rifles are no match for our armored cars.