Huracan got 1 000 new orders

It has been only few weeks since Lamborghini presented his new car on Genova Motor Show. Of course pictures were on the internet even two months before and since then in the factory was pretty busy. The phone won’t stop ringing and all that due to the new Lamborghini. All car lovers and enthusiasts want to have this supercar with V10 engine and 602 Horse power in their collection.

Leading men have said that they have received over a 1 000 orders just in last two months, which was higher than expected. Let us remind that Lamborghini is one of the most famous and most luxurious car brand in the entire world, know by its great sports cars. Today, Lamborghini is a symbol of speed, luxury , prestige and success. That company has started with the production on tractors and today it is one of the most luxurious brand. Today, they produce super cars, but also luxury watches also best cologne for men , clothes, office equipment and many more. But, let us return on the Huracan. It is predicted that Huracan will beat the best-selling Lamborghini Gallardo and set a new record for that title. Lamborghini Gallardo was the best-selling car which had jumped in annual production from 250 cars in a year to 2 000 cars in one year. There is 14 000 Lamborghini Gallardo in the world today and they were manufactured in 10 years.

In Italian factory people are sceptical they don’t believe that Huracan will last as long as Gallardo. Actually, they are aware that in this branch of car industry is hard to survive on the market with one model for 10 years and for happening that again takes a miracle. If this car survives a decade on the market, their plan is to improve technology so that car can have better and better performance.

For those who aren’t familiar with the situation, let us explain. Huracan is the successor of world’s famous Gallardo, which stopped with production a while ago. This car isn’t made to be like Gallardo, it is brand new car and the name is actually a name of a fighting bull, like every other Lamborghini’s model. Design is typical for Lamborghini, but still very clean and simple. Huracan has V10 5,2 engine with 602 horse power. With its 1402 kilo weight it can achieve 100 km/h in only 3,2 sec and its top speed is 325 km/h.