How to Write a Compelling Online Description for Your Car to Attract Buyers

Compelling online vehicle descriptions build buyer confidence and generate foot traffic in your showroom. Follow these five steps to create a compelling online car description to sell the vehicle.

Know Your Audience

Online car shoppers are most often looking for crucial information that helps them determine if your vehicle is right for them. They rarely read whole paragraphs of description, so ensure your vehicle descriptions are short and easy to read. Including bullet lists or a brief, descriptive paragraph can help buyers quickly find what they need and will be more appealing than a long, detailed description.

Avoid industry jargon and instead use words that buyers will recognize. 

It’s also a good idea to include a video. This can be a walk-around video or an editorial video with narration to explain the vehicle’s features. Including a video can make your ad stand out, attract more attention from prospective buyers, and effectively sell my DC car online. This will increase the likelihood of a walk-in or a test drive appointment and may even lead to a sale.

Describe the Vehicle’s Features

When writing a car description, think of how your buyers perceive vehicles. What are their needs and wants? Are they looking for safety, luxury, or performance? The best way to capture the attention of potential buyers is by using adequate adjectives.

A great way to highlight a vehicle’s features is to prioritize the most relevant ones to your target buyer profile. 

A common mistake dealers make is overdoing the features by listing them all in paragraph form, which results in an unintelligible, clunky description. Instead, consider leveraging high-value, action-oriented descriptions incorporating powerful persona-based angles to help elevate a vehicle’s narrative. This is an effective way to increase clicks and, ultimately, walk-ins. Adding a vehicle’s crash test ratings is another essential way to boost your car’s online reputation and attract safety-conscious buyers. Describe how the vehicle performed in frontal, side, and rollover crashes.

Include a Photo or Video

The best online vehicle descriptions combine the right data and quality language to deliver a powerful narrative. They help buyers visualize the car they want, earn their trust and drive foot traffic to your dealership.

A good description also evokes an emotional connection with the buyer and makes them more likely to envision themselves driving and enjoying it. You can further convey this narrative and increase the likelihood of a sale by including a photo or video.

When posting photos or a video of a vehicle, be sure they are clear and include multiple angles of the car, especially close-ups, and a wide-angle interior shot. 

Include a Call to Action

Including a call to action in your ad can help convey your message and attract buyers. 

When writing your description, avoid using industry jargon. Instead, use words that resonate with buyers.

It’s also essential to include your reasons for selling the vehicle. This will connect with buyers and give your ad a personal touch. For example, you can state that you’re moving abroad or need a larger vehicle for your growing family. Including these details can increase trust and confidence in your dealership and encourage buyers to contact you.