How to install a rooftop truck air conditioner

Truck drivers have an annoyance when the truck stops, it is very hot in the truck cabin. Now there is good news for truck drivers. The truck air conditioners can make cool air when the engine is off. Installing a truck air conditioner is good for drivers. The portable air conditioner is designed for truck/semi-truck/truck cabin/van. ACTECmax is a brand of truck air conditioner, it has 14 years of experience in the truck air conditioner. ACTECmax is a manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket truck air conditioner in China. Let me introduce how to install a rooftop truck air conditioner.
Using the original car sunroof, the whole machine is embedded, no drilling is required, and the interior is not damaged. The factory comes with standard accessories, which can be installed by itself and can be quickly installed in one hour.

1. Remove the skylight of the truck.
2.Paste sunroof seal sponge
3. Install the air conditioner into the sunroof and adjust it to fit the sponge strip.
4.Install the fixing bar
5.Installing decorative panels
6.Installing the hole plug
7.Connect the main cable and signal cable connector, start-up

If you have any questions, you can also watch videos on Youtube, and you also can search the “ACTECmax truck air conditioner” on Google, find website to send your question.