How To Handle an Auto Insurance Claim

Most days on the road, drivers see few issues. However, every once in a while, accidents happen to even the safest drivers. In a matter of seconds, a crash could occur, leaving vehicle owners to deal with expensive repairs and physical injury. It’s critical, therefore, that owners follow specific steps to secure insurance funds quickly and efficiently. The following are tips to guide owners through the process.

1. Gather Information at the Accident Scene

You must have evidence of the incident; therefore, call the police to create an accident report. If no one is injured, you could use the non-emergency number. An officer listens to the details of both parties and any witnesses. Then, the police create a document that contains insurance information and driver’s license numbers. In addition, snap photographs of the scene using your phone’s camera. Get images of the street and any involved vehicles.

2. Contact Your Insurer

Call your agent who handles auto insurance Big Spring TX, whether at the scene or home. The company should know about the incident. Ask to open a claim and provide the agent with the report number. Expect to answer a series of information about your health and the wreck itself. Reply honestly and candidly. Then, submit the photographs over the online portal or through email.

3. Have the Car Assessed

Before anything is fixed, the insurance company needs an estimate of the damage. Ask your agent about any approved locations for assessments. Set up a time for the inspection and submit the report to your insurance agency.

4. Wait for Approval

Your agent should notify you once the company approves necessary repairs. Once that is done, bring your car to a shop. Some operations may send funds directly to the garage; others may cut you a check to cover the costs. Ask first your agent which you should expect!

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Insurance, however, can help. As soon as something occurs, reach out to your agent and ask for assistance.