How to Choose the Best SUV

In the category of mid-sized SUV vehicles is a huge competition. SUVs in the last 10 years become very popular, so it is not surprising that all the manufacturers are trying to make a success in this segment. Here are just some of the models that have become very popular: Mercedes Benz M-class, Volkswagen Touareg, Range Rover SVR, BMW X5, Lexus RX 350 If you need to buy a new vehicle, you are in a real dilemma, which of the listed vehicle’s is right for you. In this article, we will make comparison of two models that have not yet occur: a model for the 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR and model for the 2016 Lexus RX 350. First, I will compare the engines of the two vehicles. Range Rover is equipped with a V8 engine that has a power output of 542 hp. On the other hand, Lexus has a much weaker V8 engine with power of “only” 350 hp. Range Rover can develop and slightly higher speed than a Lexus. Lexus does have a better Aisin transmission and slightly less fuel than Range Rover Sport SRV. The external appearance of the vehicle is a matter of personal taste, but I must admit that Range Rover look looks more luxurious. Internal appearance of the two models are quite different. Lexus has three rows of seats, while the Range Rover has two rows. In line with this commitment, the Range Rover is more dedicated to the enjoyment, while the Lexus is more dedicated to transport for more people with reasonable comfort. Both models have leather seats. Range Rover has specially designed front seats, while rear-seat passengers can enjoy a DVD system that has been specifically designed. The great advantage of 2015 Range Rover sport is a possibility of making WiFi hot-spot, which will provide to all passengers access to internet.

In the end, thing that is most important to many – the price. In this segment, Lexus has an advantage, because the basic model will cost nearly $ 18,000 less than a Range Rover.

When all of the items are taken into account, we can conclude the following: The Range Rover SVR will choose the person who has more regard for comfort, transport up to 5 people, love more power and speed, and better technical equipment. On the other hand, the Lexus RX350 is for people that needs lower price, have a large family and fuel consumption is important to them. Think about where you are from these two groups, and select your SUV.