How to Become a Confident Driver

You got your driver’s license when you turned 18 years old. Your parents took you to a driving school and agreed driving courses that would help you pass the exams and obtain the license. You then started driving your parents’ car, with your parents giving you instructions about how to drive. Your parents wanted to keep you under their zone of comfort, and you listened to them because that’s how life had been up to that point. However, the problem is that this didn’t make you a confident driver.

Why is it important to become a confident driver?

Driving is a necessity. We all need to learn how to drive a vehicle, it’s the most convenient way to move long distances with comfort and speed. Nevertheless, just learning how to drive is not enough, we need to become confident drivers. There are so many accidents on the public roads, we need to know how to drive with safety. But just learning how to drive with safety is not enough. This would resemble a parent siting in the co-driver’s seat and giving instructions to their adult child how to drive conservatively because they believe this makes driving safer. But this is an illusion.


Learn how to react fast under dangerous conditions.

Learning how to react fast as a driver under dangerous conditions is the most important thing to learn. This is something that you cannot learn while learning to obtain your driver’s license or when your parent is asking you to drive conservatively. There are driving schools that offer advanced driving training techniques, and they boost your psychology as a driver. Such an advanced driving school is in Serres, Greece. As with everything in life, in-depth learning comes though friction. In other words, it comes when we are pushed out of our zone of comfort.

One would wonder what is best; get uncomfortable in order to learn or always drive conservatively and have no worries? The answer is that all drivers are likely to find themselves in very difficult situations where advanced driving skills are needed. It is for this reason that we all need to become confident drivers.


Examples of difficult driving conditions.

In order to better understand the above suggestion, let’s take some examples that almost all of us have experienced. Let’s assume that it’s dark outside, it’s raining cats and dogs, and the public roads are not sufficiently illuminated. While driving under such difficult conditions, a big truck drives next to us and splashes us water. How do we react? Do we slam on the brakes? That’s what non confident drivers would do and lead themselves into an accident. This happens because those who chose to drive conservatively in their lives only react instinctively in such situations, and the non-trained instinct at that moment says, “play it safe, go slow, brake fast”.

And the result! The result is that you lose control of your vehicle and you are likely to have an accident. On the other hand, under such conditions, a trained confident driver would only use the accelerator at the right balance, use low gear, have their attention everywhere around the car, predict the behavior of other drivers on the roads, and have the whole situation under control. This is something that you would never learn to pass the driver’s license exam, or with your parent being next to you and asking you to drive carefully.


Don’t be afraid. Get a good training.

As with everything in life, go improve your driving skills. Don’t be afraid. Go take some advanced driving classes and become a confident driver.