How Armored Cars Prevent Theft

If you are a small business owner with a brick-and-mortar shop, you may accumulate a lot of cash that must be safely transported to a bank. In this situation, many entrepreneurs invest in the services of a secure transportation company. To put your mind at ease, consider a few features of the armored car system that make this money-moving strategy so unassailable.

The Buddy System

The professionals who operate an armored car for transportation of money are trained to adhere to a strict set of protocols that ensure the safe passage of their cargo. A key factor in their pickup routine is the separation of the driver from the courier, also known as a hopper. In fact, the driver never leaves the vehicle when completing a route. When the hopper reenters the armored car after picking up a business’s cash, he or she cannot access the cab where the driver sits. This makes it exceptionally difficult for a would-be thief to disturb the driver.

Sturdy Construction

As their name suggests, armored cars are built to withstand bullets and other forces. The actual sides of the truck are usually made of thick steel. The windows are often very thick, as well, and feature bullet-proof glass. Even the tires of an armored car are designed for durability; each one has an inner plastic liner that can support the vehicle if a tire deflates.

Clever Gadgets

On top of all these safety measures, armored cars have a few additional tricks up their sleeves. As a key example, some trucks include a chute in the hopper’s compartment that allows the hopper to deposit valuables. Until the vehicle arrives at its final destination, nothing put down the chute cannot be taken out again. Cars that don’t have this feature may instead include a high-quality safe.

All this goes to say that your company’s money is certainly safe when you put it in the hands of a reputable secure transportation company. Be sure to invest in this service if you deal in significant sums of cash.