Hail Damage tips

Hail Damage to your Car

Hail may sound or seem to be harmless to your car, but the truth is that hail can damage your car so badly and leave you grounded. You need to know more about Auto Hail Repair Boulder CO-based and stay prepared before the hailstorm season. Greater damage may occur when a hail storm is accompanied by high-speed winds that last long.

Types of Hail Damage

(i) Small or Large Dents

Hailstorms may result in small or large dents on the car’s exterior and this depends on how severe the storm was and the car’s metal. The car parts that you should check out for dents are the roof, hood, doors, and side panels. Cars made of aluminum are less prone to dents than those made of steel because they are lightweight.  Auto Hail Repair websites have more information about how to protect your car against hail damage. 

(ii) Paint Chipping

When hail falls on your car, due to its force, it will scrape your car’s paint and cause scratches. One of the easiest ways of fixing this issue is through the use of paintless dent repair. 

(iii) Cracks

When a hailstorm is severe, it may cause cracks on your car’s side mirrors, front, and rear windshield, which could make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

How to get Hail Damage Repair for your Car?

Although hail damage may not affect the normal functioning of your car, you will not be able to drive around with a dimpled car that has broken windows or windshields and that’s why you need to know about any auto hail repair garages within your vicinity. 

Before you file a claim, you need to call your car insurance provider to confirm whether hail damage repair is covered. To successfully file for an insurance claim, you need to take photos of your vehicle that will be evidence of the hail damage. You could also take pictures or a video of the storm. This will hasten your claim approval.

You need to look for a certified auto repair company to do the repairs to your car. A certified technician will assess the hail damage, and most probably use paintless debt repair that will leave your car in its original shape. A professional auto repair company will also have a repair guarantee that will ensure a quality repair for the life of your vehicle and will also help in coordinating the repair process with your insurance company.

After filing a claim, the next step is to look for a hail repair company that will conduct an evaluation of the damage caused and will also be able to spot even the hidden dents that may have been caused by the hail storm. You can learn more about insurance claims on auto hail repair.