Gain Confidence with instaVIN

If it’s your first time purchasing a car, you may feel a mix of different emotions such as excitement, anxiousness, happiness, nervousness, and maybe even a bit of hesitation. It can be a very overwhelming decision. How will you know if you’re making the right decision?

Some first-time buyers will invest in a brand new car; but more often than not, first-time buyers will opt for a used vehicle instead. Why is this? Because purchasing a used car is far less expensive. Insurance costs less, repairs aren’t as pricey, and the car itself will not cost as much as a brand new car.

There is always more risk involved when it comes to buying a used car. For instance, when you purchase a new car, it has no history of previous owners. A used car has been owned by at least one other person.

How do you find out the truth about a used vehicle’s past?

Theres only one way you’ll know whether you’re getting a reliable car with a clean history. Companies like instaVIN provide valuable details that reveal information about a used car’s past. From the basic information such as the make, model, year, body type, transmission type, etc., to other vehicle specifications and incidents.

Each instaVIN report includes:

  • Odometer reading
  • Any accidents
  • Any fire and/or water damage
  • Any active or past thefts
  • Any junk/salvage/total loss records
  • Impound and towing events
  • and much more!

By purchasing an instaVIN report, you will gain the confidence you need to invest in a used car. For more information on how instaVIN can help you build confidence when it comes to purchasing a used car, visitthem today.