Efficient Automotive Lighting Solutions

Annual vehicle safety inspections require that all exterior lights operate properly. Headlamps, taillights and brake lights must work well in order to provide sufficient illumination in low visibility conditions. Vehicles with optional fog lamps are also checked to ensure that there is enough intensity available from such fixtures. Drivers should be aware that light bulbs for a car’s exterior come with a limited life. Some of the most powerful headlamps might burn out in only several years.

High Intensity Discharge bulbs tend to generate intense illumination at the cost of reduced lifetime. Such technology relies heavily on the charging of gas molecules in order to create bright light. Xenon lamps are considered wasteful as a large percentage of electricity is given off as heat. LED technology has become a popular alternative in the auto industry. Headlamps can be equipped with LED bulbs that are efficient, lightweight and long lasting. For instance, such lamps could last for longer than 50,000 total hours of operation. Additionally, the simple technology behind LED does not radiate a lot of heat energy. This means that the glass and plastic housings also receive less wear and tear from radiation.

LED light bulbs use highly reflective surfaces inside the headlamp units. Light is transmitted in multiple directions without losing much intensity. Drivers should understand the concept of illumination, which is measured in units known as Lumens. LED bulbs can generate well above 1,000 Lm while using a relatively small electrical current. Such efficient technology also minimizes the risk of fuses getting blow out under the hood.

Color temperature is another technical parameter that drivers should know about when it comes to installing light bulbs for headlamps. Warm colors on the electromagentic spectrum refer to yellow and orange. Cool colors range between blue and white appearances. LED auto light bulbs are optimized to generate light on the cool color spectrum in order to enhance visibility on the road. Warm colors tend to blind the human eye, which is a major traffic hazard. Vehicle lighting solutions such as 168 led bulbs and other bulbs are examples of efficient auto parts.

When light bulbs are installed in vehicles, it’s important that all of the electronic diagnostics are properly managed. The electric panel box under the hood should be inspected as LED bulbs are fitted into housings due to a concern for sudden current surge.