Creative, Affordable Ways To Market Your Small Business

Small businesses are crucial to the American economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 44% of America’s annual gross domestic product. However, making your small business successful has its challenges. You know that you should market your firm, but each marketing strategy must deliver maximum impact for minimum cost. Here are three great ideas.

Wrap Your Vehicle

If you offer home services or delivery, this is a must. Every auto in your fleet can serve as a moving billboard, traveling everywhere you do business. Display the company name, logo and contact information (include your website address!) along with eye-catching graphics. Even firms that do not require company vehicles can benefit from this extra bit of advertising. Get automotive graphics Weatherford TX on your personal vehicle and make every errand a marketing opportunity.

Host Contests

Harness the power of social media by hosting regular photo or video contests. Ask your patrons to post photos to a picture-sharing site with a unique hashtag. Determine a few parameters for the competition — maybe each image should include one of your products, for example, or feature an animal — and set a deadline when the contest will end.

If you prefer to get people into your physical location, host a cook-off, fashion show or building contest. The prize should be generous enough to encourage people, but the real motivation is the fun.

Start a Loyalty Program

Take a cue from airlines and upscale coffee shops: Offer rewards to your most loyal customers. Frequent buyer programs can take many forms. Use punch cards to give a free item after 10 purchases, or create a membership with a 5% discount. Contact regular customers via email or text to let them know about incoming products or special promotions. Incorporate social media by letting members earn points for posting about your firm or sharing company posts on their pages. Creating a feeling of real connection with your clients goes a long way in keeping them delighted with your brand.