Car wraps: An effective promotional tool

Car wraps & Wrap Advertising!

Wrap advertising or a vehicle wrap is the term used in the marketing practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle in an advertisement or livery, turning it into a mobile billboard. Wrap advertising can be achieved by use of large vinyl sheets known as “decals.” The benefit with vinyl sheets is that they can be removed with relative ease, thereby reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements, drastically. While vehicles with large, flat surfaces are often utilized due to ease, cars can also serve as hosts for wrap advertising, despite consisting of more curved surfaces.

Mobile Advertising: Throwback!

Historically, most of the advertising or branding on cars was done with permanent paint or magnets that would be vulnerable to theft and damage. The automobile would have to be repainted in the event of damage, wearing off or change of campaign, which would obviously be too heavy on the pockets!

Car Wraps: Benefits!

  • This form of advertising can turn car maintenance & other expenses to tax deductible business expenses.
  • A car wrap would convert you into a privately owned moving billboard.
  • It is easy to see, hear and remember the promotion message due to the novelty of car wraps as an advertising concept.
  • It is cost effective as the price is reasonable and the wraps removable. This ensures no damage to the underlying car.
  • It is a means of semi-permanent advertising application to the car. If and when there is a need for a change in the advertisement, one can simply have a new one designed and applied. However, once removed it is not possible to re-apply the same wrap.
  • Good wraps are generally very durable and last up to three years.

Considering advertising your business with a car wrap?

  1. Locate a designer and manufacturer around your area, yellow pages and internet should help.
  2. It generally takes 2-3 weeks to design and manufacture a customized wrap for your business or automobile.
  3. The application of the customized wrap takes anything between 2-3 days.

Have an automobile but no business of your own to market for?

Even if you do not have a business of your own to promote, you can still avail the benefit of earning out of an automobile that stays idle. Contracts between local businesses and local drivers that have private cars of their own is the way to make it happen. The private car owners get paid with a monthly fee. However, the private car owners must promise to drive a minimum number of city kilometres per month in order to qualify.

So go ahead and avail the benefits of car wrap as the most efficient promoting tool if you already own a cool ate model car or a business that needs some real exposure!!!

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