Car Dashboard

How much does it frustrate you when you can’t easily (or in some countries, legally!) answer a text while you are driving, let’s face it, car dashboards are just not up to the task.

To some it’s logical – Don’t use your phone when driving.

However …. Slightly younger generations just can’t seem to extract their phone from their hands, whether they are driving or not.

So what’s the solution? I have 3 words for you – Ultimate Car Doc.

This is a car dock app that surpasses all others, it not only announces calls and texts when they come in, but actually enables you to answer and send a text by voice – Completely hands free.

You can have up to 30 of your “must have apps” running through UCD – music, messaging, calls, GPS for example, and operate them all by voice.

This app is solid, and the settings allow it to be as comprehensive or simple in functionality as you want. There is a GPS speedometer, which is more accurate that those in most cars, and the voice recognition software is the best I have found too.

There is a FREE online backup and restore, (for those of us with slightly suicidal phones) and the support from the developer is fantastic. I recently suggested a volume control, and guess what – it was added to the app within days. There are not many development companies offer that level of service.

The app is constantly being upgraded with optional functions, to the point it is now far better than the software in the new smart cars.

All in all, this app really puts you in smart car mode. I urge all the smart phone owners among us who hold driving licences to download it. You get a seven day free trial, which is more than enough time to realise you should not be driving without it.