Car Buying Tips

A few years back I ran into debt problems. When my car at the time decide to break down again, I couldn’t afford the cost to fix it. So I had it scraped.

I rode my bike for the next year. This allowed me to get in great shape and save money.

One day when I riding to work I fell of my bike and into a parked car. I damaged the rear brake light. The cost was $100. At that point I had enough. The luxury of owning the car came back to me.

Since I couldn’t afford a new car, I decided to look for used cars in Victoria BC. I ended up at a Hyundai dealership one afternoon looking at a 2006 Sonata.

Of course feeling like I couldn’t even get a car loan because of my debt problems, I was ecstatic to get into anything. So I drove off in my Sonata.

When I got home I realized I didn’t even get the vehicle inspected. I was so excited that I was able to get a loan, that I totally forget about potential issues with the car.

But it was too late. However it’s not too late for you.

Thus here are the three most important tips to used car buying.

# 1 – Determine Its Usage

The one thing I always think about when it comes to cars is what it’s meant for. At the end of the day a vehicle is meant to get you from point A to point B. Some are flashy, bigger and faster than others. But not matter what, they all do the same thing.

Remember that. There’s no sense in paying too much for a vehicle that is only being used a daily commuter. If this is the case you might be able to buy something with lots of miles on it if you don’t plan to drive it much.

However if you are in your car often then you might want to buy something with lower mileage.

# 2 – Purchase a Vehicle History Report

This is like finding out a potential mates dating resume. What kind of people have they been with? Are they damaged goods?

A history report will tell you everything that has happened to that car. Just plug in the VIN # and bam!

# 3 – Pre Purchase Inspection

I mentioned this already. But after you like what you see in the vehicle history report, you still need to get the car inspected for any potential car repairs.

Luckily enough my Sonata was fine. But I can imagine people have been screwed by not following this step in the purchase cycle.

There you have it. Three simple tips when buying a used car. If you are looking for a Victoria Used Car Dealership, then please check out Gold Star Auto Sales.