Best Upgrades for a Yamaha Viking

The Yamaha Viking is a very versatile off-road machine. While some Viking owners use their machine for working around the farm, there are others who use it purely for recreational fun. Although the Yamaha Viking comes equipped with the basic essentials, installing a few aftermarket goodies will make it an even more exciting off-road machine. Here are a few of the must-have Yamaha Viking parts and accessories.

Roof-Mounted Stereo System
The presence of music helps to make the task at hand a lot easier. Music will liven up even the most difficult working environment. However, a roof-mounted stereo system is great for work or play. The sound system will certainly come in handy when going on an off-road adventure. The tunes will keep everyone entertained while setting up camp.

Upgraded Tires
The stock tires on the Yamaha Viking are great for riding on smooth trails. Unfortunately, the stock tires tend to become less effective when traveling on extremely rough landscapes. A set of rugged aftermarket tires will offer enhanced traction and better overall durability. In order to make the machine street legal, the stock tires must be replaced with a set of D.O.T approved tires.

Skid Plate
The undercarriage of the Yamaha Viking is very vulnerable when maneuvering around harsh terrain. If left unprotected, a stiff tree stump or rocky hill can cause major damage to the machine. The extra protection provided by a skid plate will to prevent any harm to the machine. Unlike some other parts, most skid plates are very easy to install.

The installation of a windshield enables the off-road machine to be driven in a variety of different weather conditions. The windshield will help to keep the passengers dry during rainy weather. The windshield will also safeguard the rider from flying debris. Depending on the type of windshield, it may be able to be installed without any tools.

Lift Kit
Installing a lift kit is an easy way to enhance the ground clearance of the Yamaha Viking. Not only will the extra clearance improve the off-road capabilities of the machine, but it will also allow the owner to install bigger tires. The bolt-on design of a lift kit simplifies its installation.

LED Light Bar
A LED Light Bar is able to provide enhanced lighting without compromising the UTV’s electrical system.