Benefits of Remote Start Systems

Automotive technology is constantly evolving, and one of the most popular technologies over the last few years is remote start. This technology is quickly and easily installed in any vehicle with remote ignition. For example, search “remote start installation Maryland,” and you will find a number of garages willing to install your system.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Because your vehicle can be started using a remote from inside a building, you can warm your car on cold days and cool it on hot days without going out into the weather. Once the heater or air conditioner kicks in, you can go from a warm house to a warm car.

In addition, if your defroster is on in your vehicle, your windows should defrost while it warms up. This means you don’t have to spend extra time scraping the snow and ice off your windows or trying to see out of a small defrosted peephole while you wait until all your windows defrost.


Remote start does not require you to leave your key in the car. In fact, if someone gets in your vehicle and presses the break without a key in the ignition, your car will immediately shut off. Your car will also shut off after a specified period of time, so if you take longer or get distracted while your vehicle is warming up, it won’t just continue to run for a long period of time.


Your remote can also be combined with your car alarm, locator, temperature controls and other systems within your vehicle. This allows you to easily locate your car in full parking lots, sound an alarm if you are in danger and control your temperature if you forgot to leave your heat on the night before. It may also be integrated into your smartphone, allowing you access to even more features.

Engine Benefits

When it is especially cold outside, your engine should be warmed up before you drive your vehicle. This is especially true in older and diesel vehicles. Warming the engine allows the oil to fully lubricate your motor, extending its life.

Resale Value

If you plan to sell your vehicle, buyers may see your remote start as an added benefit that they will not have to invest in later. This means, they may be willing to pay more for your car that it is worth. However, be sure to have a professional install the remote start to ensure the product and vehicle warranties remain intact.

If you live in an area with extreme weather shifts, consider purchasing a remote start system for your vehicle.